[New Feature] Disable workflow option

Hi all,

Occasionally, when debugging, you may want to disable a workflow without getting rid of it. This could allow you to test specific pieces of functionality without consequent workflows getting in the way, or to modify an existing workflow while keeping a copy of the version that is already working for future reference.

We’ve added this functionality. When you open the property inspector, you’ll see the checkbox beneath “Add a breakpoint in debug mode”.


Thank you, thank you thank you! :hugs:

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Wow! :raised_hands:


This makes me exceptionally happy! Happy enough to even attempt to explain why it’s awesome to my wife. She was kind enough to smile and nod…


So simple but SO GREAT!

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Yessss, I was missing that for a long time! Thanks!

Is there any difference between this feature and adding a ‘This URL is not empty’ or a “Is development version is no” condition to skip the workflow step?

Thank you team bubble. This is really useful


WOW! In the “the little things that make a big difference” category. Thank you, it is very much appreciated.

What other little things could make a big difference?

For example being able to do more in the assign “set state” field; such as string concats, logical operations, math operations and more.

Excellent! Thank you.

Much appreciated! Thanks!

Just one comment on this (much appreciated!) feature: Twould be nice if disabled workflows INDICATED that in their collapsed views… (rather than having to inspect them).

I just learned that it’s very easy to be comparing workflows and not noticing that one has disabled ALL workflows one was trying to compare.

hint hint

(I expect a rash of forum posts about “MY WORKFLOW NEVER EXECUTES!!! THE BUTTON NEVER DOES ANYTHING!!!” ad nauseum. Excellent feature, though!)


thank you!!

Thanks Bubble team!

I was thinking the same - there’s going to be a new set of Q&As… “why isn’t this working… is it disabled?” Good idea.

So long to the “Only when this URL is empty” condition :stuck_out_tongue:


We had a conversation about this earlier today at @luke2’s suggestion, and decided to gray out disabled workflows. This should appear sometime tomorrow.