[IDEA] add "Active" checkbox to workflow

It would be nice to have a checkbox to enable/disable workflow – it could be placed right below the “Add a breakpoint in debug mode” checkbox. This would allow us to disable workflow, but still keep it for future reference.

Example: I wanted to modify a workflow, but not lose what was already working. So, I created a copy, but I had to remove the button that triggered the worfkflow to keep it from firing.



I agree, it certainly makes sense to have a switch to be able to turn the parent workflows on or off. :+1:

Rather than add a very niche ‘Only when’ condition to the Workflow.

+1 - I’ve been in that exact situation many times.

Ya we have been through that many times in past discussions

+1 Good idea


To solve for this I usually add a “terminate workflow” action and put any “keep for future reference” workflow actions to the right of it. It won’t work with “go to” navigation workflow actions though as they need to be the furthest to the right.

Very good idea…

+1 Exactly what I need right now.

I agree, I had to take 6 screenshots when I wanted to test what was causing an issue while searching in RepeatingGroups. +1

Looks like the ‘Disable Workflow’ has come to fruition!


It would be nice to have some kind of indicator that a parent workflow is disabled as its quite easy to forget and look past it.

Maybe a fainter background on the workflow itself or something as simple as the below:



Agree, great to see this included! But you are right, I second what you just said!

Yes an indicator would be a great time saver

or simply add in title DISABLE. It will be great to have it in API WORKFLOW too. Thanks.

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Feature is live!


Yes exactly nice pointer.

Could be handy for searches e.g.

Also for the time being I have reserved the red workflow color until a permanent indicator is in place.



This is a good idea; will be added shortly!


Much appreciated Marc - look forward to it

Disabled workflows should now appear grayed out.

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