[New Feature] Greater/Less than or Equal to numerical search filters

For numerical search filters we had > and < comparison operators but for many use cases it makes sense to include the >= and <= operators as well. We updated our operations to allow for this for any numerical value.

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Hope this helps. Cheers!


Great, makes things so much easier that way! Thanks

Thank you so much Bubble for implementing this feature!

So simple, yet so necessary! Thanks for this!

Great, thanks!

Thank you, happy to see this!

Very nice. Thanks for that!


(small note, throughout the rest of the application the >= and <= are formatted slightly different. I’m just saying this because I know you guys like consistency)


Simple but super helpful, thanks!

Great call out. Thanks.

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Any chance we could fix some of the basic issues with bubble… like the constant crashing, slow editor, repeating groups not being able to be centered? Stuff like that? I think some of the basic stuff should be addressed before all these fringe features.

A couple of things:

  1. constant crashing - don’t know what you’re getting at

  2. slow editor - the editor can get pretty taxing on your system… you might need more RAM, a faster system, try a different browser? (I do pretty heavy duty Bubble editing with many pages open at once. Yes, after a while I can get into an out-of-memory sitch in the browser and need to reload. “Click,” solved.)

  3. What do you mean about RG’s not being centerable? here’s one right here:

Stays perfectly centered as page width changes. Check your Responsive settings.

@keith I’m using a razer blade pro 4k I7 with 32 gigs of RAM… crashes all the time all day. Also the apps are intermittently unreachable. Several threads on this issue.

What i am saying is that you cant center horizontal R. groups. If you have 7 COLS horizontal, but only 3 records… the records start left aligned. Until all 7 are filled, it does not have an even look.n This seems essential in design layout


Another example


There’s a couple answers to that:

  • We’re always looking for low-effort but high-impact improvements: if we held off on the little stuff while we worked on the big stuff, the community would stagnate. Given the number of people on this thread excited by this feature, I think this was a good use of our time.

  • We’re working on building out a world-class engineering team so that we can tackle some of the bigger, more transformative changes we want to make. If you look at @riley’s post history, you’ll notice this is the first feature he’s released. New engineers aren’t going to rebuild our editor on their first week on the job…

In general though, please don’t use feature threads to bring up concerns unrelated to thing we’re announcing. Everything you’re mentioning is on our radar: we know the editor is very RAM intensive on bigger apps and we know our uptime levels are lower than we’d prefer them to be. (I’m not sure about the centering issue – I suspect other Bubble power users might be able to help you out there, like @keith is doing).

I totally get that when you’re invested in a platform, it’s extremely painful for it to have shortcomings that are important to what you’re doing. But nevertheless a lot of people are getting a lot of value out of Bubble, and I want to keep a positive, helpful energy on the forum so that it can continue to be a great resource for people learning Bubble and sharing tips.


Nice example! I get that there could be more robust styling options for the horizontal case.

Num columns being dynamic would take care of this.

I noticed the new name! Hi @riley :wave: , we’re happy you’ve joined! Always glad to see the Bubble team growing. Thanks to you (and team) for putting this out! It’s a huge help for many apps I work with. :raised_hands:


I explain what the actual problem is with horizontal RGs that @ryan8 is mentioning in my reply to separate thread here, @josh

Please make cols center in horz repeating groups

Not sure if the true fix (dynamic # of columns) is hard to implement or not.


Very useful, Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Well I appreciate what your saying. Thank you for all your hard work @josh

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