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[New Feature] Multiselect dropdown & tags

Has there been a fix yet for the overlapping issue? Something I’m missing?


Strech it yourself using css

It doesn’t seem that I can use App Text for translation in the placeholder field. Would it be possible to get a fix for this or does someone have a work around?

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Hello, thank you again for this feature.
The demo page is broken and i dont know how can i create the third example (Static + tagging).
I need to allow my users to search for tags in Things list but if not found, to add a new one with word the user type in the field.
Anybody can explain me ?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Did they ever push a fix for this? Is it working or did you figure out a solution yet? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Looking to implement this into my app soon but want to make sure it is working first.

Edit: I just put together a test app to see how it would work. Seems like the problem is solved. It adds height to the element automatically. :slight_smile: You can also just start typing to see which tags show up that match.



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Did you find a fix for this Gaby? I only seem to have this issue when using Dynamic Choices. Ok with Static?!?!

Please make this happen @emmanuel :raised_hands:

As an alternative, you could also have an option to enable users to “unselect” a choice when the multidropdown is disabled.

Thank you!

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Also an additional request, please can we have ‘This input show not be empty’ on the element as well, exposed as a state (same to input). Cheers.

Hey there! Any chance we can add the ability to center these?

I’m trying to hack the use of these for tags on too :wink:

Coupled with the new Option Sets this has many uses really since it’s the only native way to create dynamic width text blocks!

Hai @emmanuel how can i add all options in multiselect dropdown in a single click (using a button ‘Add all’)

Hi guys! I am having trouble passing the data into a thing. Shoud a text tyoe field work for this? Or should it be a list? Maybe I am missing something… Thanks for the help!

Had the same issue and then I did a radical change to the whole app. My text is stored in a database with specific index for each element in the following form /english:house/french:maison/… and then I do a search for “type where I store my text”, filter for the index, extract with regex.

So when current user’s language is english it shows “house”, “maison” when french… This solved many of the complications I had with handling multi-language especially when there are multiple conditions.

Below is an example for the text of a button.

There one slight disadvantage to the solution. It takes a small half a second lag for the text to show up when page loads. After that it works like a charm.

I was looking for this solve for a long time! Thanks

For some reason once the list of text (generated from the multi dropdown) is put into the database it is hard to use. All I wanted to do was categorize links by some major themes - Music, Tech, Design, etc… and in some cases they might be several Music, Tech, etc. Then when a user searches for a tag from another single dropdown they get any links that contain that tag. For some reason if any links were tagged with more than one - the never showed up. Until your fix! thanks.

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Is there any update on disabling spaces adding new entries?


Hi there, just wondering if anyone has been able to make this element a “required field”?

I’m not seeing the usual “this input should not be empty” option in the settings panel and need to ensure my users cannot submit forms without selecting at least one option in the dropdown field.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

It would be super nice if the “Maximum items” option with this dropdown could be set with dynamic data. Anyone have any tips on how to achieve that?

how to keep tags selected even after the user refresh the page?

Hi, I’m just starting on Bubble (with no code former experience)…
With regards to above questions, mine is probably very basic, sorry.

  • I have a form describing a project with several multidropdowns where values have to be selected (ex. “End user type” is : b2B and/or b2C and/or b2G)
  • When building the workflow to validate the form, I’m just blocked by what I should do to finalise the record in the database (see printscreen)
    (despite the great tutorials of @romanmg)

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Is there an easy way to have the default value of a multiselect bring up the items from the database?

I have a section where the user adds items to a booking, then I’d like when they edit for them to load in by default. Seems i am having trouble with the fact its a list with commas and can only getting it working when one item is selected. (If there are more than one item it comes in blank)

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Hey there. Can you show me an example of this? I can’t seem to get my multi dropdown to display multiple results.

It just takes 1st tag even if the user chooses 2+ tags.

Any ideas?