[RELEASED] Selectize dropdown

Hi Everyone!
I’m proud to release the Selectize dropdown.

  • Single or multi-selection dropdown
  • Searchable! Up to 4 fields!
  • Can be used with static or dynamic list
  • Can handle almost unlimited items (Bubble dropdown is limited)
  • Faster than RG. I know some of you use RG and an input text to achieve this. This offer a new option if you know HTML and CSS
  • Allow user to add new options that contain space!
  • Can display options with column or groups
  • Lot of design options
  • Reorder selected items (Multi)
  • Custom HTML for advanced display



Plugin page:

Please contact me in private for any issue!

Also big thanks to all testers!




This is awesome, what a great addition to the bubble ecosystem. Nice work


Top work here. Looks nicely customizable too. Something built with bubble elements to match would take hours and not function as smooth as this plugin.

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I just tried this - I’m having trouble getting it to work with API based dynamic data. Can you help me?

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Sure! Contact me in private and send me screenshot of your settings

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Hi @Jici JC

How it react with mobile env. (iOS and Android) ? Great plugin btw.


great job!

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Beauty :heart_eyes:

I will implement it asap


Fix released. Please update. This will recalculate the page if input height is updated.

Hi @JohnMark.
I didn’t get any issue from my testing on mobile (Android). This is not a select input, so this doesn’t show as a “normal” select input that popup and you scroll the menu. This look more like you use on desktop. When you open the dropdown, automatically, the focus to search is there and the keyboard appear on mobile and let you search directly. You can scroll also in the dropdown and the keyboard will remain until you click on it. Also, the input will use the responsive setting from Bubble. The reorder function is not available on mobile however

You can test using my demo page

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That’s some good stuff! It’s exactly what I’ve been needing. Thanks for putting this together.

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I just saw this and immediately tested on my iPhone. Works great.


New options added:

  • Border radius and width
  • Hide Box Shadow
  • Disable option

Is it possible to access the index of a static list item?

I can see we can access the actual item but not sure how to get the order index, in this example Two is index 2 (or 1 if you start from 0). I tried All values ID but I got a blank.

Stunning. Well done, styling options work for rounded corners.

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All values ID are only for Bubble Items in dynamic list.
There’s no index at this moment but this is something I can add after Christmas.

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Really been having a play around with this and it’s been quite a promising plugin. Thanks. When you take a look at the index, can you please check the conditional tab as I cant seem to affect the drop down using conditions.

This same condition can affect any normal text box , text etc.

Great stuff Jean Claude!

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Salut @Jici

My question is : if I have a profile page displaying tags, can I highlight tags in common with the current’s user tags (different user than the profile page) tags ( maybe make tags red?) ?