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[New Feature] Option sets

You can expect option sets to be free in terms of speed, since it’s just plain text being delivered and that weights nothing. Of course it’s best for them to confirm, this may be wrong.


@austin3 I may be speaking out of turn here… I use the :filter command to “Do a search for” on an Option Set. Since the options are client side, I’m guessing that’s why there isn’t a literal “Do a search for”.

Notice that when you do :filter, it is a “Constraint” just like a search.

And unlike a “Do a Search For”, you can inline “and” and “or” functions.

Finally, if I am interpreting this correctly, this :filter works just like the “Advanced” - Giving extreme control over your :filter for an Option Set.

I’m not sure your exact use case, but I’ve been able to search option sets fine with “:filter”.


Apologies, I realize in hindsight this may need clarification. I’m looking for a way to sort a list of data items by their option set field. Ideally you could sort by any attribute of the option set, but at least being able to sort by display and/or the order they’re listed in the option set tab would be helpful. I actually made a suggestion post related to OS sorting last month, but I don’t believe it ever got a response., your response above has gotten me closer to what I want to achieve and suggests that what I want to achieve is doable but I can’t quite get it to work. Hoping you can help get me over the hump.

I have an option set Primary Use with Display text and Detail text. The Display text is a one word nickname that I the developer sees. The Details text is a corresponding long string that the user sees. Example:


The option set is used to control a text field titled “Primary Use” on the User data type.

I want the current user to be able to modify his/her own Primary Use via a dropdown input.

I can get the option set’s Detail (i.e. long string names) to display in the dropdown choices as intended.

But I’m having trouble getting the dropdown’s placeholder text to show the Detail text.

I’ve tried using your filter suggestion to filter the option set to only show the options whose Display text matches the Current User’s Primary Use field but I can’t seem to construct a valid filter constraint expression that accomplishes this.

Of course I could just ditch the option set idea and use the long text. But I’d prefer to (1) see nicknames in my workflow logic and (2) better understand how Option Sets can be filtered so if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them.

Hmm if I comprehended that right, I believe you need to make the Primary Use field from a “text” to a “Primary Use” data type. You can have an Option Set as the field for a Data type. @tjc4, thanks for letting me know. I switched from an Option Set to a Data Type.

@tjc4 Actually what I meant was inside of the User data type, change “Primary Use” from being text to being Primary Use (the option set). You can make the field inside of a data type an option set.

So you’d go from this:

to this:

Or am I misunderstanding?

Hey you find a workaround?

Huge +1 on this, really need an import method for CSV - cheers

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Hello there,

I don’t see how to you can import a csv to option sets? How do you do that?


Thanks for clarifying that Option sets as fields of a thing are in fact private, if the custom data type for that thing is private.

+1 on this searchbox feature. I thought it was a thing the whole time, but it isn’t :frowning:

Unfortunately, this is still the case (unless I’m missing something). Deleted option sets linger indefinitely it seems. :neutral_face: I suggest you submit a bug report as I did. That should increase the chances of it getting resolved sooner rather than later.

+1 Indeed, would be great!

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oof. that would have been nice to know a while ago. thanks for the help though. :upside_down_face:

There are no privacy settings for options. So, do not put sensitive data as an option’s display or one of its attributes.

What does this mean? How or in what case does is this data accessible to anyone?

If i want to “hard code” a list of emails that are approved for beta sign up, and check against them during signup, does this expose them in any way?

@JayM It means anyone with programming knowledge can access the data in your option sets, even if the page doesn’t show it to them.

You should store your beta sign-up emails in the database, that way you can control the privacy settings for them. I’d probably lock them off to everyone, and have an API workflow check the emails. API workflows can of course ignore privacy rules.


We’ve gotta get a sorting feature and CSV upload for option sets. Otherwise, option sets are a fantastic feature that goes against the entire philosophy of bubble - SPEED. Adding hundreds of options individually takes way too long.

Also, there should be an option to delete duplicates!

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Agree. Automatically sorting option sets into alphabetical order would be an amazing feature. I have built an option set with hundreds of categories and can’t sort them to display in alphabetical order.


Another feature would be to programmatically upload them with their secondary attributes as well. I need to label a list of thousands of static options with multiple attributes and doing this manually is unfeasible.

@eve Is there any plan to update the option set management system? It’s been radio silence for nearly 2 years so it seems like it would be best to restructure the data structures to utilize database datafields rather than option sets at this point.