[New Feature] PDF Generation

That one has been asked for for a while, and we just added a plugin that let’s you do this. If you add the SelectPDF plugin, you’ll be able to experiment it.

The way it works is that you select a page that will be used to generate the PDF. You’ll find the action in the ‘Email’ section of the action menu.

If the page has a type of content, you can define a type of data to send. For instance, the way you would generate an invoice is by creating a thing of type invoice, and then design the pdf in a page called ‘invoice’ for instance. What the action returns is a link of a PDF file that you can use in links, emails, etc.

SelectPDF is a paid service so you’ll need to subscribe, but they let you have a key for free for a week to experiment.

One thing to note is that the page will be printed as pdf as a logged out user will see it, we don’t take into account privacy settings, logged in status, etc. We’ll fix that soon, but in the meantime keep this in mind.


That’s great. Thks

Here the pricing (without VAT) from SelectPDF pricing page :

SelectPdf Online HTML to PDF API Pricing
Entry Level: $19 USD/month (includes 2,000 conversions) – Buy now
Standard Level: $29 USD/month (includes 5,000 conversions) – Buy now
Enterprise Level: $59 USD/month (includes 20,000 conversions) – Buy now

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This is freaking awesome! Looks like something I could use in my new app… Nice @emmanuel!

Thanks for this :slightly_smiling:


HI @emmanuel could you let me know what the timing for that update is? Namely being able to print a PDF with account information etc.

You can already do this, if you save the data you need in a thing that you send to the page. We’ll add this in the coming days though.

Should be working now, let us know if not.

For those who want to key a Demo Key :
You’ll get it right away.

I was using the Blockspring’s HTML to PDF block on a LIST of things (but not working due to the problematic Auth) :

I tried to use the new PDF Genration action but I can only use it for generating ONE PDF, which sadly is not the way I need it :disappointed:

@emmanuel As there is no loop available in Bubble, is it something then could be implemented for a list of things ? accessible with “Get data from external source” maybe ?

Not really, since a page can only take one thing, but elegy don’t you uses thing type that has a field that is a list of things? Then it solves your issue.

sorry I don’t understand so I can’t answer.
To be clear, my goal is to create a list of PDF based on the page print_facture_ci.

My bad, we don’t support this yet indeed.

no, too bad for me !

We are trying to print a pdf of a page (called Artwork) with images and text.
We have created a pdf icon on the Artwork page, which when clicked creates a new thing called PDF, with all the relevant fields (in the workflow) and then generates PDF from an internal page “pdf” which is designed as we want it to print.

How do we send the data from the Artwork page to the pdf page?
How do we show the pdf so that a user can decide to print it?

How can we GET this link:

@lonetour I had the same question, and I think the answer is to create another workflow item that navigates to the URL as shown in the workflow screenshot below

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Hello @emmanuel,

Before we buy this addon, can you tell us if it´ll print a page where you edit the invoice that has 3 things?

  • Client information
  • Invoice information
  • Invoice_lines

Will it print the information of the client, invoice and invoice_lines?

Thanks a lot.

Don’t buy it yet… have a play with it… you can get a key that works fine in the Preview mode. You can put in your PDF any fields you like.

Thanks @lonetour,

I´ll do that then.

After having created the PDF, what is the cleverest option to send it to the client? I can not attach it to an email in Bubble, right? And even the linking does not work in a Mail (at least with thunderbird and other provider | works with gmail though)

If you use BBcode and the rich text option it’ll work as a link.


Okay found the bug: Different mail providers such as Thunderbird (works without problem in any webmailer) do not understand a link as a link without the https: in front. As a result they do not link it. Solution:

Maybe a potential change in the medium term since it is not very obvious.

One last question: Are the pdf’s stored forever on the amazon servers and can be called trough the same URL? Or is there a time limit?