New Feature: Replace action not working?

I noticed the gift icon and decided to check out this new feature. For events / workflows, I get a pop-up to select the replacement; but for an action, nothing happens at all.

What am I missing?

@sudsy Works for me as in the video below when I test. Please clear your cache + refresh the browser window, and do file a bug report if the issue persists.

Hi @eve, I think what @sudsy is saying is that it works for events (as your video shows) but it doesn’t seem to work for actions.

Hi @eve,

As @louisadekoya said, it’s actions that are the issue for me. If you can confirm that they are working, I will submit a bug report. Please post back and let me know.

@sudsy Copy that, thanks for checking in! Monday morning is not being kind to me. Confirmed the issue and escalating to our engineering team now.


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