WF action - replace by another type?


Anyone ever got this to work?

By “replace” it seems to delete the old one and add a blank. Which is not quite what I imagined it would do.

I’ve had pretty limited use for this too… changing a Create a Thing to Make changes to a thing for example, you would think it kept the field settings, but it just sets up a blank new one.

Haven’t found it that useful, but may be some scenario or niche use case that I’m unaware of…


I guess it’s not a bug, that’s how they built it. Because there is no restriction when replacing one action with another, it is possible to switch between Data actions and Account actions or others.

It works for the actions you use on element basis or if you want to convert Trigger a Custom Event to Schedule a custom event. It has very limited use.

It would be a great feature if it matched the fields.

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Yeah, it works on editor elements ok.

Not on a straight swap between “delete a list” and “make changes to a list” … which are very similar.

Not sure what the point of it is if all it does is delete the old one.

Anyway, Bug raised !

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