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[New Feature] Scheduling API workflows can now be done recursively

The information is really helpful…thanks a ton.

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@Bubble does this really continue indefinitely or is there something that would cause it to stop? I was running it to delete ~50k records, but it stopped with ~16k left.

where is the “while” condition located? Won’t the “only when” condition make it run a single time?

The “while” is the action at the end of the flow that reschedules itself.


Anyone get more info on what stops an api fully completing?

When i have a recursive api running or an api running against a list, and it unexpectedly stops, in my case it stops at the time of a user doing something unrelated on the site which triggers a single api to complete a task.

Even though the user’s api is fast and a small task, it seems to interrupt any recursive api or list api tasks already running which then don’t complete afterwards.

A little frustrating!

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A quick question if I may - I am trying to process some 3k records and it runs through some 100 - 200 records and grinds to a halt. Not because of ‘while’ condition fails. What’s the best way to debug this?


Even if the task won’t time out, it can still be interrupted if you blow out all your capacity. I can’t say for sure what’s going on under the hood, but Bubble seems to have a tolerance for pushing the capacity for some time, before it gets unpredictable and may not finish.

Have you tried spacing them out more, by adding a couple of seconds between each process?

Thanks @petter. Yes I have. It’s 10 seconds between runs!

Hmm, ok, in most cases the should be fine, although it’s hard to say without knowing what your workflow is doing.

Sorry if I’m pointing out obvious things here, but some more suggestions are:

  • Checking the capacity around the time when it stopped
  • Check the server logs. If you click Show advanced, you can see if any conditions failed and when the last scheduled workflow ran

If you don’t mind sharing how the workflow was set up (including how it schedules itself), maybe we can spot something.

Actually it began to behave as expected on a repeat try (without any alterations) and completed the process. So I guess this was a platform issue rather than me. Hope Bubble logs will flag up issues!

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I confirm the process may stop without any reason with recursive API workflows. Check the logs, you may find some “Workflow erros”
This can happen when the app gets too busy

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Yep, another workflow randomly stopped. No error logs. Just stops. @josh , any thoughts on this. Looks like others like @nicolas_dap also experience the same issue of recursive workflows failing randomly. The app was not busy at the time in any way and server capacity has not maxed out.

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It would be nice to have a bubble answer to this

So let’s say I want to send daily email reminders of pending task, I will have to start/send the first email batch and then the following emails will be automatically scheduled with no manual intervention? And what about the workflow limit on personal plans?

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Yes. But you need to be considering the “limit”, so just don’t try to send 1000’s of emails (i.e. run too many workflows)… be reasonable :slight_smile:

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well that is really freakn awesome … yes yes and YES!

I’d suggest not to get overexcited as with Bubble “looping” has limitations, which are quite easy to reach :frowning:

In other words, build loops part by part and test them :slight_smile:

well i can dream :slight_smile:

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Hello dear community

I have an event App. I am considering using recursive workflow to let user create recurring events : meaning they can create a first event, and then with recursive workflow I’d like to « duplicate » the event let say : every Tuesday, every week, etc, for the next two month for examples.
And then having some rules to check if the event is create for the next months, if yes nothing happen, if no create it automatically.

I have two questions :

  1. Is this a good solution ? What limits do you see.
  2. I think it will do what I need, My main concern is about The number of data it will process and create.
    I could have for example 100 people creating 3 events a week, each of them contain a certain number of datas… so Roughly 300 things a week, 1200 or more a months…

What are your thoughts ?

More details here if needed to help Planning recurring events : What could be the best option?

@josh @NigelG

Thanks a lot

Could this be used to have a workflow run for a few seconds?

For example? What if I wanted to increment a thing’s number in my database continuously for a minute before it stops?