[New feature] Table element [beta]

Hello @kate.mcnally

Awesome to have this new table elements.
+1 on this features, would bring a lot more

Did you use some plugin to get the column totals?

The beta version is really more like an Alpha in my opinion. Hope they focus heavily on this one.

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I have used it on a couple of pages now, but right now my conclusion is that the performance is just too horrible to use.

It obviously also needs a lot of key features like:

  • styling for columns
  • layout for both rows and columns, padding etc.
  • able to call the tables list of things

Also a small bug I’m annoyed about (but nothing compared to how bad it’s with performance):

  • If the table is wider than the page, you need to set min width to be able to see the whole table in the editor

I actually expected to have seen multiple updates to the Table element efter the launch - is there planned any updates or should we just stop using the table element?

When you complain about performance, are you talking about editor performance or page performance?

I’m talking about page performance, it freezes the whole page while it loads content.

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Hi Kate,

I don’t want to sound impertinent. This is a great new element and will be a useful addition. I still can’t get a basic table with less than 8 columns/3 rows to render properly. A month ago I sent a bug report and was told, “I’ve confirmed that other users are experiencing this behavior with the Table element where large tables that require horizontal scrolling eventually get cut off. Our engineering team is currently investigating the issue.”

When I inquired about this last week I was reminded that this was a “beta feature” (which is fair) and answers were not forthcoming.

My question to you - has Bubble given up on developing this element? If not - is there a timeline for when a stable version of the element will be released? It’s fine if answers are “Yes” or “Never” - I just would like to know so I can plan accordingly.


Agreed. Come on bubble team. A simple update I think is a very reasonable request to your users (especially the paying ones). A release of a highly requested feature and then basically radio silence as to timelines isn’t exactly great customer service. I think I can safely say that given all the issues with the element, almost no one has transitioned from tables via repeating groups and header rows. I know I haven’t


feature request :

  1. access to current rows things in conditional (must have)
  2. scroll to rows functionality (must have)
  3. ability to sort data based on coloumn (nice to have)
  4. ability to resize coloumn (nice to have)

Thank you all for your continued patience and feedback on this feature. All the feedback and concerns from this post are noted with high importance. They have been incorporated into the roadmap for updates in the coming months. As a new core Bubble element, we want the table element to be reliable and performant, on feature parity with repeating groups, and meet the use cases and needs of tables in your applications. These are the three areas of focus that you will see from the table element in its next iterations.

Thanks again for your contributions and passion for making this new element great!


Hi. Is there anyone who have figure out how to do an inline editing in this table?
I have tried adding a custom state to the repeating row - but it doesn’t seem to be working. It works if I add a group inside a cell and create an edit mode on the group inside the cell, but I want the entire row to open for editing and get the new custom state.

This issue of the horizontal scrolling is of extreme importance. I would include it in the must have group.


Having problems deleting a column. I thought I could just “right-click” and delete, but now I don’t have the option. Also, can’t add more columns either. Am I the only one?

Hi! If you activate the table then click on the column header of the row you want to delete, and X will show up at the top to delete. If you’re going to add a row, then, with the table selected, move your mouse in between columns; a plus will show up at the top to add a column. Hope that helps!

Are we able to get the number of results returned from the table? I’m trying to have “# of users”. Thank you.

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Hey @kate.mcnally

Any updates on plans to allow exporting of data from table elements?

Still feel like that should be a minimum required feature for most use cases. It’s cool if I can make these tables for my Users to easily view data, but if they can’t export it easily they are almost more upset than if they couldn’t view it at all.


Hello guys! Is there a way to add pagination to the table element ?

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There is this trick in this video

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Have anyone found a way to add conditional formatting to a column?

I have an edit column, but I only want this to show for certain users. I have added the conditional strength but it doesn’t seem to work?

Did you solve this?