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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

Hi everybody!

I just published a new plugin that lets create a fully customizable table / grid! This is a great way to showcase your data. This plugin offers extensive customization features. This plugin also lets you export the data in your table as a .CSV file!

This plugin also offers the ‘append column’ and ‘remove appended column’ workflow actions and support events!

:arrow_right: Demo page (the editor is public!):
:arrow_right: Plugin page: Table / Grid Plugin | Bubble

You can always reach out to me for questions, bug reports or feature requests!



Update 1.1.0

1 - Added the ‘Cel or row is clicked’ event with the corresponding element states.

2 - Added the ‘row color on hover’ and the ‘show click cursor on row’ properties!

Don’t forget to refresh your editor after upgrading

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Fantastic job, what a clean look
does it supports images? cause dataTables dosen’t that why i use RG instead, would love to purchase it

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I love the horizontal scroll, huge timesaver. Will definitely bookmark this.

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Hi @nurzhan! Not at the moment, but when the library I use supports it I will take a deeper look at it :slight_smile:

Thimo! You’ve done it again man - this is a very good looking table plugin compared to just about everything else. Excited to test drive it!

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@Thimo Would be great if you could implement the same thing for using a kanban board. The current options are really bad.

Is it possible to pull in data from 2 different things and show in the same table / Grid?

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@timgarrett111 Yes. For each column you can do ‘do a search for’, so you can search for every data type you have in your database. You can take a look at the public editor to see exactly how it works :slight_smile:

That’s a nice looking plugin. I hadn’t seen that library before. Cool stuff. :+1:

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Can we enable selecting rows? I want to implement this plugin on multiple apps but need to have a checkbox option along with the ability to delete records just like a repeating group.

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Hi @nocodeventure! I saw on GitHub that checkboxes are on the roadmap for the JS library. So, when they are implemented I will definitely look into the implementation of this feature! :slight_smile:

The next update for the library should be a pretty big one so maybe it will already be included in that one.


What about adding action elements? I’m asking because this might be a gamechanger for my side-projects to get them up asap.

p.s. When I resize the page, the pagination resets to the first page of results.

Mother of gawd. This is beautiful!

Does this support exporting the table’s data as CSV? <— Killer feature right here

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@nocodeventure The plugin already supports the ‘add column’ and the ‘remove added column’ action. Which action are you exactly looking for? :slight_smile:

@alejandrowunderlich Not yet, but when the library supports it I will definitely add it! (:

I mean the ability to add button styled text and material icons to trigger a dropdown or simple edit and delete buttons.

I think if you allow to do CSS that will be helpful.

Also, each row does a sort for data. Can you change it to do a search once and based on that a dropdown to select the rows. See for example the plugin below.

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Is this table only for viewing data?
Does this table allow editing data and writing the result to the database?


@nocodeventure Buttons are not yet supported by the library so we will have to wait for that, but that would be a really cool feature.

When starting developing the plugin I though about what the best way of collecting data would that would give users the most freedom. That is way came down to this solution. If you can only do 1 search you can only use data from 1 data type in your table. Now you can use data from every source in each column making it way more useful :slight_smile:

@abvas At the moment this version of the plugin is for displaying data.

@abvas You can save the data in a state and display it inside another group for editing.

Update 1.2.0

1 - Fixed an issue that caused square boxes around the sorting icons.

Don’t forget to refresh your editor after upgrading