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[New Feature] Timezone management

This is an issue that has been frustrating for many for quite a while, and we just fixed it! We now handle timezones properly for dates, so that times in emails are not going to look weird any more. We essentially added 2 things:

  1. for the format date option, you can now select a timezone. So if you’re sending an email and have a date in it, you can chose which timezone you want to apply to it. It can be the current user’s timezone (most common choice), or a dynamic timezone, or a static timezone, picked in the dropdown. Note that if the timezone is dynamic, it will have to follow the same format as the static options (Asia/Hong_Kong).

  1. We also added the ability to get the timezone of a location. You can now select “'s timzeone” after an address, and we’ll leverage the Google API to get the timezone. This timezone is returned with a format that is compatible with 1)


Does the fix already include the issue with sending an time/date in an email?

You have to format the date. Why don’t you try?

Great work guys. Thanks

This is awesome! Great work!

Great work

When I use this feature it returns ‘America/New_York’. Is it possible to get the timezone name?

“timeZoneId” : “America/New_York”,
“timeZoneName” : “Eastern Daylight Time”

This would be helpful in building a conditional on a custom state in which we could say

When timeZoneName = “Eastern Daylight Time”
CustomState = CurrentDateTime + 0
When timeZoneName = “Central Daylight Time”
CustomState = CurrentDateTime + 1


There’s a lot less choices than having to code for every Country State combination.

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Sure we’ll add that.

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It’s live.


Thanks. You’re the best

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Always great to see Bubble getting better. Thanks @emmanuel.

One follow-up question: does this impact the way times and time zones are calculated on the back end (for example: when comparing user’s day/time to a day/time in our app), or is the scope of this upgrade limited to the presentation layer / displaying times correctly for users?

It’s only for display

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Any plans to add timezone to “Schedule a Workflow” feature?

My case: I’m on East Coast time it’s 3pm and I need a Workflow to run in 15mins based on Central time (so 2:15pm Central).

I’ve seen other use cases on the forum like this one:

Any ideas for a work-around?