New field added on live

I have seen a couple of old posts but need to be totally clear just in case the process has changed.
How do I add a new column to the live database. Please correct and complete me

  1. I add a new column to the development database table.

  2. Deploy to the live - in deploying the data does not get copied but does the new field gets copied? Also, in case a column has been deleted in the development, upon deployment, does the column (even if it contains data) gets removed from the live database.

Any other info would be useful…

Hi there, @mjaitly123… when you deploy to live, any and all changes you have made to your data types get pushed to the live app. So, if you added a field to a data type in development, the new field will show up in the data type in the live app after the deploy. If you removed a field, the field will be removed in the live app, even if the field contains data.

The above being said, the process for copying data from development to live (or vice versa) is completely separate from the deploy process. So, you have to go out of your way (and rightly so) to make changes to data in either the live or development databases because the deploy process has no effect on the data in your databases.

Hope this helps.


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