Added Data Types and Fields Not Migrating to Live

Hey Everyone!

I have initially launched a live version of my app last week. Since then, I have created multiple new data types and fields in my development but when I deploy a version to live, those new data types and fields are not moving into the live version which is causing workflow errors.

Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong or if there is a fix for this? My apologies but very new at this all so I could be making a very simple error.

Your help is much appreciated!

For reference, images below:

Dev Environment:

Live Environment (after deployment today):

So woke up this morning and all the new data types have been moved over. So what is the time frame on making a deployment vs. when everything actually gets moved over?

I have never seen this not happen immediately. I think you just ran into some kind of temporary lag. All changes should push to live right away.

Actually, that raises an interesting question. I don’t have a lot of experience with this functionality yet, so I find the following statement from the manual a little ambiguous…

The way it’s worded suggests that schema changes will not be copied to live when deploying. Is that the case? Or is it only data that must be explicitly copied via the data tab?

The schema should absolutely be copied over automatically. The data itself is not copied over unless you explicitly do it.

Thanks, @andrewgassen! That makes sense. It’s just not clear from the docs. I think changing “database” to “data” would certainly help.

Yeah it moved over. I had given up for the day when I didn’t see the change and when I woke up the next morning, all the new data types had moved over. I just figured I did something since this is pretty new to me.

Thanks to all who chimed in! I appreciate all the help that this board gives.

This is starting to happen to me now every time I create a new data type… anyone else having this issue?


@Nocodify Please submit a bug report and our team will investigate

This happened to me until I realized what was going on. You have to make sure you actually publish the app after making changes to your database to push them out to the live environment otherwise they just exist in the development environment. It’s easy to edit the fields in dev mode then hit the “switch to live database” button expecting to see the changes. Publish first, then switch to live.