New forum template available

Hello Bubblers,

Several months ago I started kicking around the idea of putting a forum on my existing bubble site and, after several weeks of putting it off, I finally started working on it in my spare time. After implementing it, I decided I’d tweak it enough to offer it as a template. I gave myself until the end of March to make it public and here we are on the 29th!

Well, here it is!

It features a Discourse-inspired UI and comes ready to deploy with a simple App Settings tab so there isn’t too much mucking about in the editor. Anyway, here are a few screenshots.


How are we supposed to get this?
I would love to get this!

Is it already on the bubble template forums?

Do you mean is it available when you search for templates? If so, then no, not yet. It’s currently pending review by Bubble.

ok, thank you

Is this template available? I’m looking for a forum template, and I think this looks like it could do the job.

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I just re-submitted it to the Bubble and should hear back soon!

Hi is this available still?

Hey @padojrp don’t know if this one is available.

But just build a forum template that will come online soon:

Let me know if this is for you or if you miss some feature :slight_smile:

@eddy interested. Anyway i can get this?

For sure, will let you know when it’s live in the marketplace

Ok. Anytime soon?

Just submitted it, hopefully this week :slight_smile:

Ok sir

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Do you know what price your selling this for?

The template is live for $119

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Ok thanks, I might think about getting it.

Cool let me know if you have any questions about the template :slight_smile:

I like the simplicity of the forum. On the demo account, it doesn’t show liked posts and the text editor doesn’t save. Is it just for the demo account?

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Thanks! This is not yet a feature of the template. But the liked posts are added to the user so you could easy make an overview of the posts a user liked.

That’s correct the editor doesn’t work in the demo profile :slight_smile: