New Dashboard Template (Coming Sooon)

Hi there Bubblers,

I’ve been working on a dashboard template and would like to showcase it to you. I’m looking for feedback before I release it to the template marketplace.

Template Includes:

  • Fully functional notification bar
  • Functional site-wide search bar, allowing you to search all data types in one search box. This includes a dropdown and icons.
  • Add new ‘thing’ - a basic wizard to add your primary data type.
  • Contacts, add and view your customer/clients/contacts.
  • Basic settings for admins accounts.
  • A sign-up/login.
  • A single page dashboard, which loads on itself, so you can use your browser back buttons.

What I’m trying to build is something the Bubble community can use to MVP and prototype faster. I’m trying to stay away from designing every page, as each Bubble app should be different by design and in functionality.

So think of this as a functional framework.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy.

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