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New free plugin (9 march/20) - Orchestra! Refer to inside repeating groups cell(s) from outside

I got the error message to disappear but the pictures from the list of images aren’t being shown yet. Its just a blank screen with a question mark box in the middle.

When I click the filter button, I expect the pictures on the slider to show up
but keep getting an empty slide with a question mark

I am on a time crunch and this is a crucial part of my project

Please advice

@vini_brito this plugin looks awesome and I’m very sure that it fits my use case but for some reason I can’t seem to figure out one piece of the puzzle. I have a repeating group of potential supplies to purchase with an input in the repeating group for the customers to put in the amount of the supply they are looking to purchase. Then upon clicking purchase, I would put a condition to create a list of things for only supplies that the input is not empty. That is all fine but I’m trying to figure out how to reference the inputs in each row to “create my thing”. I would need to get the supply and the amount inputted for each item and I’m having trouble with how I would identify the different values within each cell. Thanks in advance!

Try cloning the example into your app, then modifying it to fit your logic (:

Thanks @vini_brito I did. My issue being that in your example you are only referring to one repeating group item per cell. I am looking for an example that references to multiple things per cell to see how to make that connection

I don’t understand the issue :yum: tell me more?

@vini_brito Attaching a photo below. I was able to figure it out by creating a temp data type and to clear that data type once the submit order button is pressed but wondering if your plugin can help in the future. As you can see each row is referring to a different supply and has different variables that I would like to use when creating a new thing “order item”. Is there any way to use your plugin that would allow me to pull each variable/parameter cleanly when creating my thing. For example. pull the “count” parameter for the quantity ordered and the “item total” for the total spent on that supply.