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New free plugin (9 march/20) - Satellite, trigger worfklows in reusable elements from the page and vice-versa

Hello fellow Bubblers! This is a sibling plugin from New free plugin (9 march/20) - Orchestra! Refer to inside repeating groups cell(s) from outside

Link to this plugin’s page:

This one let’s you trigger workflows in the page from inside reusable elements or vice versa.

Place the Satellite element inside the reusable and the Antenna element in the page, outside the reusable.

Create a workflow that does what you want in the page triggered by the event “Antenna X Received a trigger signal”.

Inside the reusable, upon any normal event, use the action Send trigger signal from Satellite X.

Or invert and send the trigger signal from the page to make something happen inside the reusable.


Another isolation barrier melted down.

Enjoy! :smile:


Hi @vini_brito, wondering if it can have a feature to point dynamic data between the page and reusable elements.

Use case: For one-page app wherein reusable elements are used as “sections”
I want to put a database container popup on the main page and inside repeating groups I want to point data from the main page database container popup.

I want to have the “database popup” for better performance.

I think you could just preload data and keep the elements invisible with “invisible elements” plugin. Would that one help you with that?

Gonna check that one. Thank you!

Checking the invisible elements but I don’t know if that does the trick. Can’t figure out how I can access lists from page to reusable element.

Sorry for my english. What I have in mind is in the main app page, I want to have data-container of lists (such as list of transactions, list of tasks), then inside a reusable element, I want to have the option to get data from the parent page (such as “app page’s list of transactions:filtered)

You can define a data source for the reusable element… try that out and let me know how it goes

That one is good. But it only gives only 1 data to send and only one thing to send. Wanting to get more data and list to send between repeating group. Will gonna play more about it. Thank you! :grin:

Hmm, so it’s more about data channels than preloading then. Right, I’ll keep this in mind next time I touch this plugin :wink:

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@vini_brito Can i use Satellite and Orchestra together? It would be nice to tricker workflows from RG that has a reusable element inside

and awesome work!

Of course you can! :smile:
I’ve already tested them together and they work great!
I haven’t tested every single scenario, sure, but in the same page one didn’t interfered with the other.

In the use case you mentioned, I got that you’ll have the Maestro inside a reusable element and the reusable element will be inside the repeating group, is that correct? If so, do test if the Maestro is triggered multiple times for each cell. I expect not, since reusable elements have some sort of resistance to the multiplying effect of the repeating group, in another words, even if you put them into a repeating group they seem to be just one instance.

In short: test it out and please tell me what happened hahah

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Just an update: A kind bubbler placed the reusable inside a repeating group and triggered a workflow in the page, then gently shared with me how it went and the adjustment made to the logic.

The workflow to be run in the page indeed ran once for each cell and after confirming that, a conditional in the event was placed so it would only run for the clicked cell, something like “cell thing” is “selected thing” that suited the page’s logic.

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Thank you again for developing such useful plugin. Quick question: I am trying to trigger a workflow in a page from a reusable element that is located inside a repeating group. Can you clarify which plugin (Orchestra or Satellite) I should use and how I would go about executing? Trying to get a handle on how to use. Thank you!

Thanks for putting this together @vini_brito and for sharing it with the community. It seems super helpful. I’ve been playing around with this for a bit and I’m trying to understand how to pass dynamic data to the page from a satellite nested in a repeating group. Specifically, I have:

  1. A list of (data type) Events, each with multiple fields, with
  2. A nested group focus within each with a list of buttons triggering a number of actions related to that Event

What I’m trying to do is have one of those buttons display that cell’s event in a group on the page.

Is this possible with Satellite? I understand how the fixed trigger is working, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to send a dynamic trigger (e.g., in your app if there was an input above the “Fire!” button and whatever was in there was sent to the page as text rather the fixed “Bam!”.

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Hello @shu.teopengco, @brian, others who reached me via private message and even myself, since I use this plugin and found this blockage too:

Now we have a data channel to send data from the page to inside the reusable element.
In short, you:
1 - Setup by defining the data type of each inbox in the antenna element properties
II - use the satellite to send one or more values to an inbox inside the Antenna element and
Three - inside the reusable element you use the antenna element workflow action to read the antenna’s inbox, this “read” action will make the values available in the antenna’s states.

You can send anything.

Check the example page to see how it works!

It solves the data source issue, tops it by allowing you to send as many values, including lists, as you wish instead of just one and of whatever type, whether it’s a thing or a primitive type. If you want to send more than 10 just place more antennas.


hello, this plugin was deleted and removed. is this by error??


I’m on it to restore it. The plugin still works in apps it was installed.

The plugin has been restored to normalcy. Let me know if something happens.

Thanks for this bro. I’ve been away for a long time, will test this one out. Thank you!

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Thanks for this bro. Just wanna ask a question. Is there any autoupdate feature? For example, the list I want to send to a reusable element is “list of orders” from the database, I want it to automatically update once there is a change in the list. (Just like how “do a search for” auto updates the list when database changes). This will remove the need to have a workflow to send data. Is this possible?

Hi! It’s a good idea, but currently there’s no autoupdate feature. I’ve been playing with that in other plugins, so it isn’t far fetched from reality. Whenever I get to update this plugin I’ll see how it would fit.