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NEW (FREE) PLUGIN - AWS signature 4

This is for anyone who wants to use AWS services that require signature version 4 signing. The API request is fairly easy to build once the Signature has been calculated.

Full Credit goes to Drew at the Wimpy Programmer Blog for sharing the code. He’s published a few different ways to sign the AWS string.

We chose the node-js server side code for this plugin.

Let me know if you run into any issues.

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Hello @FlipList

Great plugin.

The plugin is using your own node-js server to make the signature for everyone or ?

Do you have an example of starting a AWS server?


There was an example with client side code to make a call to the Cognito Service from AWS

I’m not running any additional servers, the code is open source and free to modify, it essentially takes advantage of the server side actions’ ability to support node modules.

See more here : [New Feature] Server side actions now support node modules

The code uses the crypto JS library to handle the recursive hashing that I couldn’t get done with bubble alone. I thought I would share it.

I have no experience setting up an AWS server,
I have used the resulting signature to make calls successfully to the execute-api through the Amazon API Gateway.

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One more thing, when you create the HMACs in the first few steps I’d recommend using a free plugin like this sha256 hash backend Plugin | Bubble

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