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Stuck on AWS S3 authentication signature, please help?

Hello Bubblers!

I’ve been using the AWS File Uploader plugin for sometime now, but there are some backend actions I’d like to run that the plugin simply cannot do.

I don’t think it’s relevant for me to list all of them, since my issue is just getting authentication to work, afterwards I think I can get the rest of the API on my own with the API Connector and AWS help docs.

But I’ll list my highest priority here incase someone has a clever workaround.

The situation:
My users frequently upload 15 - 50 files of about 80MB/s each.
The average upload size is ~1.5GB
The professionals on my platform zip their files and all is well.
The amateurs on my platform do not and they are my target market, so, y’know I’ve got to zip things for them in the background.

The goal:
ZIP files in the background so that my target audience can waste their time uploading HUGE files since they don’t want to learn how to zip folders. If I don’t, my S3 costs go up and when other users try to download these files it takes much longer than would be possible if they were zipped. (In fact, the current downloading plugins I use end up timing out on projects over 1GB - which is most.)

Where I’m at:

  1. I’ve connected lots of API’s before with varying forms of authentication but this whole signature thing has got me stuck.

  2. I’ve read all the AWS help docs related to it, but I’m not a developer and my capabilities are basically copy and pasting JSON, reading the values, and changing things till things work… signatures seem to require a much deeper knowledge then this.

  3. I installed the “AWS Signature 4” plugin and tried my best to follow it’s help docs.
    (Plugin: NEW (FREE) PLUGIN - AWS signature 4)
    (Help Docs: Bubble Setup - Fliplist)

  4. I also installed the recommended “sha256 has backend” plugin.
    (Plugin: sha256 hash backend Plugin | Bubble)

  5. My first (failed) attempt was to setup the backend workflow like this…


  6. Since my Cloud Convert api integration IS successfully working, I am able to .zip all the files successfully. And the “AWS File Uploader” plugin I have allows me to delete files on the backend so I can also delete the files from my AWS S3 bucket after they’ve been zipped.

Now I just need the zipped folder temporarily available by URL on CloudConvert to be downloaded into the AWS S3 bucket. :cry:

I think that my issue is that I don’t understand the string I’m supposed to put into the sha256 hash plugin action thingy.

I’ve read everything
here: Authenticating Requests (AWS Signature Version 4) - Amazon Simple Storage Service
and here: Signing and authenticating REST requests - Amazon Simple Storage Service

and something made me think I could leave it blank… but it appears I’m incorrect.

Please help :helicopter:

Thank you!


  • I have only used the plugin for execute-api and SQS.

Does this post help you out at all?

Tried following the steps in that post over multiple days. I hoped time would suddenly prove an Aha! moment haha.

I feel like the docs and your post help me understand pretty well what I’m supposed to do, yet I guess I’m lacking the technical understanding to know HOW to do it in bubble.

Several YouTube videos out there for various languages… But in bubble? Nada.


  1. how do I canonicalize and hash my request in bubble?

  2. Your documentation helps me understand that I’d take that hashed request and stick it in your Signing tool.

  3. And then where so I put the result of that? In the header of my JSON formatted API request?

Hello friend, I have the same question, follow all the instructions but I can’t understand how to fill this plugin. Did you succeed?

I ended up switching to Wasabi rather than AWS.