[New free plugin] Open URL In New Tab

Hi everyone,

I just published a new free plugin that lets you use workflows to open a URL in a new tab. With this plugin you don’t have to rely on overlapping link elements anymore that sometimes ruins the responsiveness.

Preview page: https://pluginpreview.bubbleapps.io/newtaburl
Plugin page: https://bubble.io/plugin/open-url-in-new-tab-1583324666271x739637822593433600



Nice work @Thimo

Working fine in Chrome. Firefox will block initially the popup, but probably to be expected with some browser warnings.

Firefox warning



This problem seemed harder to solve than I though. I have now pushed a major update for this plugin. This update will support the following elements to not show the popup block message in Firefox/Edge: Groups, Texts, Images, Shapes an icons (maybe more but these are the ones I tested) :tada:

Button elements behave a bit weird though, the first time the popup block message will be triggered (on firefox/Edge) but all the times after that it will work just fine.

I have updated the plugin demo page with the different elements so you can test them. The setup does require an element id now, so if you update keep that in mind.

Hope this plugin is more useful now!


Hey this plugin is exactly what I am looking for however I am having some issues.

I am using this plugin with a button in a repeating group, when I click a button in one cell the new tab opens perfectly the URL i would like, this works for any button in any of the cells.

The issue I’m experiencing is that it only works once. Future attempts at clicking any buttons including the one I have already clicked creates no action unless I refresh the page and then again it will work only once.

Hi @chad, yeah button element behave a bit weird. Did you experience the same behavior if you used a group as a button for example?

Sorry no go… still the same behaviour where it works once but doesnt work again
Im pretty sure it has to do with the repeating group

That’s weird. Yeah I think it is the repeating group. I will try to see if I can fix it in the coming days!

Can the url be an internal bubble page?

Hey @Thimo, any updates on the repeating groups fix?

Thanks for the amazing work as always

@sgonzalez.mis2016 Use dynamic data to reference the cell’s index. See screenshot below.

You can also reference the group’s parent ID or something else that is unique.


@Thimo do you have the ability to add an action to “clear” the link or reset the element?
I can not seem to reset the element without refreshing the page.