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I am working on a CRM application and the client has requested the ability to open numerous new tabs when working through the database.

So I have set it up via a couple of plugins so that when a client is clicked it opens the client record in a new tab. It works great for the first client but then if you try to open a new record the browser just updates the second window rather than opening a new tab.

What is the best way around this as none of the plugins seem to be able to open more than 1 new tab?

Thanks in advance.

The link element should be doing this. Have you tried with link element without using plugin?

I was using an icon for the link for a nicer UI but I will try that… I’m hoping there’s another solution though

You can do it with multiple new tabs. Just place a HTML element on your page and copy the code below into it. A JavaScript alternative would be this plugin below.

<script type="text/javascript">
function open_win() {"")"")

<input type=button value="Open Windows" onclick="open_win()">

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The link element is as flexible as required.

You can do this by placing a link and any icon in a group. You bring the link to the front.

You can change the background of the link element to a desired image and make it look like an icon.

You can use one of the standard icons of Bubble by checking the “Show an icon instead of text” checkbox under the link text.

Hi @eren & @nocodeventure,

Thanks for your advice regarding this… I now have it working perfectly.

I tried the link element option but this was still opening in the previously opened tab when clicking it from a RG.

I managed to get the plugin to work… initially I had the same issue as the other plugins but this one allows you the option of adding the element-id. So what I did was create the element-id with the {{users-unique-id}} at the end. This essentially creates a unique element id for all items in the repeating group and by referening this unique-element-id in the workflow it opens a new tab every single time.

Winner winner!!

Thanks again guys… I really appreciate you taking the time to help :slight_smile:

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