[New Free Plugin] Tableau Embedded v3

A small morsel of the yummy-ness that Genstate is bringing to our service offerings. Our latest Tableau Embedded plugin is a bare-bones wrapper around the Tableau Embedding API v3. While only providing one element this plugin gives a generous taste of the possibilities.

With the right project, demand, or sponsorship we can close the loop on integration of Bubble with Tableau, including:

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Hi @aaronsheldon ,

In your demo, it seems that the dashboard is not responsive. is this a limitation or am I missing something out?

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I’ll take a look

I am not sure if this is what is occurring for your use case, but there is a gotcha when referencing Tableau URLs. Referencing a URL to a dashboard inside are Tableau Public user’s profile will result in a Refused Connection. The solution is to reference the URL from the Share this viz icon. So:

@aaronsheldon Yes, I know that, but as you see in the #1 Screenshot below “using Tableau plugin” the height is not as responsive as it should be.
Link used

While in #2 Screenshot below “from Tableau Public” it is responsive, which is the desired outcome.

Ah yes I see what you mean. Right now the visual is taking the dimensions from the Bubble container. It is going to take some carefully design choice to make the interplay between the Bubble container and the dashboards requested dimensions as intuitive as possible.

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Hi @aaronsheldon I got what you mean, what I did for not is input the Tableau Plugin’s Tableau view inside a group and just make the group responsive “which works” I will also update this thread of the final outcome once it is done for future users :slight_smile:

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I’m still going to take a look to see if I can get the height to play better. In particular I would like to imitate the “external scroll” of repeating groups.

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Hi @aaronsheldon Big thanks for this initiative!
I’m trying your plugin for the first time and getting an error that the TableauViz component isn’t initialized.
I suspect the issue is the path to the v3 js perhaps library isn’t right. Normally I use https://10ay.online.tableau.com/javascripts/api/tableau.embedding.3.latest.min.js to get the latest one available in prod.

Another Q: As I’m new to bubble, is it possible to expose v3 js methods to create a 2-way communication witht the rest of the portal? E.g. I noticed you did implement some functions to expose some api methods, so could I hook them to navigation buttons (e.g. export dialogs)?

I’ll take a look at the path issue immediately. I have implemented the “flattest” parts of the API so that you can connect them to events and actions. I haven’t implemented the more deeply nested structures in the API because I have not resolved a satisfactory factoring into the Bubble framework that would allow for an intuitive and idiomatic Bubble developer experience.

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Just pushed an update to the plugin, 1.0.18:

  • Changed the library path from the Tableau CDN to Tableau Public because 3.5.0 was removed from the Tableau CDN.
  • Fixed a typo in referencing the Bubble fit content properties.
  • Removed references to chrome height that were generating CORS errors.
  • Linted some code formatting.