Bubble data to Tableau

I am trying to get data from my Bubble app into Tableau to do visualizations/dashboards/calculations with my app’s data. I am assuming the best method would be to build a Web Data Connector (WDC) using parameters from Bubble’s API to get the data into Tableau, but I am not experienced enough to build a WDC myself.

Has anyone done this or have experience? Would Blockspring’s WDC be the route to take?

Once the visualizations are built in Tableau, I plan on embedding them back into the Bubble app and allowing users to interact with the dashboards via Tableau’s JavaScript API, but step one is to get the data into Tableau.

Any advice from the community would be much appreciated!

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The plugin Editable Data Table like Excel can help. You can try for free, and when time, contribute.

are you using the Tableau cloud? I have years experiance with Tableau

Yes, I will be connecting to the data in Tableau Desktop and building the dashboards there, then publishing them to Tableau Online, then embedding them in the Bubble app.

It has been a while since I used it. Does it support RESTful APIs?

Hi Clay, did you make any progress with this? I’ll be looking for a similar solution shortly…

Any progress / feedback on this?

hi all, just wanted to ask this same questions so thought I’d check if anyone succesfully managed to integrate Tableau server into Bubble?

Also came across this post (which also didn’t have a final solution). Help with Tableau JS API

If you didn’t manage to integrate Tableau, any view on what you ended up with instead?