[New free plugin] VagueTime Timestamps

Hi all,

We’ve just released a new free plugin called VagueTime Timestamps. This allows you to display timestamps (or the difference between two dates/times) in a more readable format such as “just now”, “in a couple of months”, or “3 days ago”. This is useful, for example, for displaying the timestamp of a post or an event.

To create a timestamp, add the VagueTime element from the plugin to your Bubble page. You then input a From date and/or To date. The plugin calculates the difference in the times and returns the value as a readable text. Empty dates are interpreted as the current date/time.

Demo: run-mode / editor

Please send any questions or issues to david@airdev.co or reply to this thread!

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Good plugin, David.

It was not very clear initially that we can leave “to” as empty for considering current times.

Initially I was writing “current time” there and it was causing problems. If the timestamp of action was too close, then the results were unexpected. Say, if a user posts a comment and I want to show “comment was posted just now”, it instead ends up showing “comment was posted very soon”. i.e. it takes the event to be of future instead of past.

Just posting it here for benefit of others.

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