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πŸ†• PLUGIN | Relative Time Complete - Upgraded version to show time ago style dates

iFrame Relative Time Complete

Hi there!
We just release this new plugin to the Bubble marketplace :santa: - and I’m very proud of this one!

An upgraded, customizable and multilingual version that allows displaying dates as β€œ5 minutes ago”.

:arrow_right: Highly customizable
:arrow_right: Support continuous refreshing
:arrow_right: Multilingual - translate the relative times
:arrow_right: Work with all browsers and devices types
:arrow_right: Based on a reliable library
:arrow_right: Complete documentation

:heavy_dollar_sign:The plugin is available for $4/month or $23 for a lifetime license.

:blue_book: We offer full documentation with the plugin and forum support.

Use cases

:large_blue_circle: Twitter-like posts times
:large_blue_circle: Future event dates


:link: Plugin page

:link: Demo app
:link: Demo editor

:link: Documentation

:gift: WIN IT

The first 3 people to suggest an improvement track will have a free lifetime license!

Logo Ottho
This plugin is made by the French platform Ottho .

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Future event countdown with seconds

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That’s already the case :smile: if a future date is provided it will show β€œin XX seconds”