[New Free Template] Nexa Starter UI Kit

Hello everyone!

I am excited to announce that my new template is now live on the marketplace.

This ultimate library of building blocks is designed for creating modern user interfaces.

These are the components that I personally use on a daily basis when working on projects for clients and my own endeavors.


  • Sidebars

  • Headers

  • Popups

  • Tables

  • Tabs

  • Empty states

  • Buttons

  • Text styles

  • Signup/Login pages

  • Uploaders



The template is completely free and open source. You are welcome to copy and modify the components as you please. Feel free to change colors, make adjustments, and transform the components to match your personal style. Let this template serve as your foundation.

I will continue to push updates to the template, expanding the library with more categories. Stay tuned for future updates!

Template page: Nexa Starter | Template Page
Demo: Nexa Starter | Demo Page

If you need any assistance with your app or have questions about this template, please don’t hesitate to contact me at kirsanov.co.



Nice job @kirsnvartem

Bookmarked! :smiley: