New guidance on using the Bubble name, logo, and other marks

Hello everyone! As part of the site redesign we’d like to announce the addition of some Branding Guidelines that you can use to inform your usage of Bubble marks, including our name and logo.

These guidelines are intended to provide clarity on how to use the Bubble marks when marketing, providing, or referring to services developed on the Bubble platform. The goal is to strengthen the community and the development of a healthy ecosystem, while mitigating branding and legal risk to everyone involved.

Please read more at the link below, and let us know here or via if you have any questions on these! We are here to help.


I am a bubble developer from Ukraine.
I have been working with the platform since 2018.

I decided to create a community of bubble developers in Ukraine, so I bought a domain for 5 years, consonant with the bubble.
I wanted to start my project from January.

It’s a pity that I’m going to make a blog about the bubble not on the bubble, but on Wix.
I can’t figure out why I can’t use the purchased domain?
What will you gain by this ban?


You mean you’re going to ignore the branding guidelines and use the domain anyway?

(in any case I don’t think the forum is the place to ask for guidance on Bubble’s branding guidelines… maybe try reaching out directly to Bubble support)…


I want to understand why I can’t use this domain.
Based on what law?

Brand Guidelines | Bubble

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It is trademark law and is enforceable in certain countries/regions, less enforceable in others. It’s generally good practice to “play nice” with the requested branding restrictions.

What they have to gain is not letting their trademark get diluted. If they allow it to be used loosely they can lose the ability to claim the TM altogether. This is all common knowledge that is available from some research if you are really interested in learning more about the method behind the madness.


And… technically Bubble can just takedown your app😅

I wanted to develop a community in Ukraine. I bought a domain for 10 years. For me, this is a big amount. It’s good that the account did not pay for the bubble.

Thank you. For me this information is important. I do not want to face such a situation in the future.
I didn’t think =

Why then are they allowed to sell such domains?
I bought it a month ago.

Ooof. Sorry to hear that you spent so much on this domain and can’t use it on Bubble.

Thank god I don’t have an app yet.

You can reach out to bubble and see if they would permit your specific name. (I dont think they will but you already spent the money so it cant hurt to ask them privately.)

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I agree with @ralphlasry I can’t see why bubble would have any issues using “”. Or create an app with a url like (and yes I realize that is also against the branding restrictions, it is just an example) and then redirect to that url from your domain registrar.

I really can’t see Bubble having a problem with that. Bubble is generally restricting anything that uses “bubble” in the url and a few others in case anyone is wondering:

["", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""]

            _is_infringing() {
            return -1 !=="bubble") && !g.includes(

where “g” is defined as the array above

see above.

Sorry, I will not do this without official permission from the bubble.

The most important thing is that I am creating this site so that users in Ukraine can learn as much as possible about the bubble. A service that will contain translated documentation and video tutorials.


Honestly I don’t think it matters what country you are from, they make this system, and they can decide how are user uses it. No amount of complaining will change anything. Frankly I like the policy, I would hate to have a bunch of websites called “” and crap like that.


And how then to call the sites of bubble communities?
If they so desire, there will be one less site that would advertise and popularize the bubble.
I didn’t complain. I tried to understand why.

I just saw a lot of sites with that name, now I checked and saw that they are not on the bubble. They use other technologies.

I think it’s a great initiative that you have and should go ahead with building on a seperate platform to get it up and running!

Heck even this forum is not running on Bubble.