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[New in Bubble] Spin to Win Wheel

Hello everyone,

We just released a new plugin - Spin to Win Wheel.

Compared to other pop-up elements, spin to win wheel has been proven to have the highest conversion rates. And since there wasn’t one available on the Bubble, we decided to create our own.

Element style is easy to adjust so that it matches your desired design. This plugin takes only a few minutes to set up, just like our other plugins.

:link:DEMO APP



We will create more designs of the wheel soon.

Let me know if there are other features that you would like to see added:)


Hi @idealink
Nice work :clap:

Bookmarked :bookmark:

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Thank you! I am glad to hear that

Just a quick note, that the demo app should be updated to be responsive on mobile, as it could look a bit better

Hi, I didn’t realize that people were checking these demos on their phones :smiley:

I’ll update it soon.

Bug fixed:

Design is compatible with the Safari browser.

Is this plug-in working? It’s just showing [missing element].


Yeah it is working. I was making some changes on demo app. You can check it out here - Spin to win demo.

New update:

It is now possible to set any dimensions for spinning wheel.

Hey @idealink nice work!

I’m buying this plugin today and would like to ask you, is it possible to make the number of entries dynamic instead of the current options? (4, 9, 12)