[NEW PLUGIN] - Spinner / Loader

Hey everyone, We are glad to announce our new plugin. We’ve just released new plugin Spinner/Loader

This Plugin gives you to add a wide variety of different loading animations to your bubble apps.



  1. You can set spinner as Autoplay.
  2. You can choose the Type of Spinner from the spinner type.
  3. You can customize the speed of spinner.
  4. You can customized the duration.
  5. You can also select Autoclose which automatically stop displaying

You can also visit our demo page: https://colorfulspinner.bubbleapps.io/version-test/spinner_demo?debug_mode=true

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Hi @confluex I really like this spinner. I want to know that can i customize the size of the spinner?

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Yes @Shraddha you can customize the size of the spinner. Thanks for reaching out with us