[ NEW ] NexGen GPT AI Business Suite - The most powerful AI template on the marketplace!

INTRODUCTION SALE - $149 -( Normal Price $299) - Ends March 9th

It’s our pleasure to announce the first in our NexGen series of AI applications for the marketplace.

NexGen GPT Business Suite

This high end, premium no-code B2B template is the perfect internal tool for future focused businesses, AAA agencies looking to add massive value to their client offerings or anyone looking for a huge head start in bringing their SAAS vision to life.

NexGen GPT Business Suite comes loaded with a myriad of features and is powered by the very latest in AI technology. This ensures that businesses can leverage the most advanced tools to analyze data, automate processes, and make informed decisions faster than ever before.

Meticulously crafted with Bubble.io, with a sleek, ultra premium user-friendly interface, NexGen GPT Business Suite is production ready, easy to set up and customize according to your business needs.

{Feature List}

:heavy_check_mark: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
:heavy_check_mark: A Workforce Team of AI Specialists
:heavy_check_mark: OCR-Enabled Invoice System
:heavy_check_mark: Lead Generation With Pipeline Management
:heavy_check_mark: Support Desk for Customer Service
:heavy_check_mark: Analytics Dashboard
:heavy_check_mark: 17 Custom GPTs
:heavy_check_mark: Lighting Fast Real-Time AI Streaming
:heavy_check_mark: The very latest ChatGPT 4 Turbo + Other new OpenAI Models (Many more possible!)
:heavy_check_mark: History & Context Enabled GPTs
:heavy_check_mark: Output In Any Language, Multiple Tones & Writing Styles
:heavy_check_mark: GPT Conversation History Page
:heavy_check_mark: Prompt Engineering using NASA framework
:heavy_check_mark: Advanced Personal Assistant GPT
:heavy_check_mark: Admin User Management System
:heavy_check_mark: Fully Encrypted API Key Calls With Ability to also Encrypt Prompt
:heavy_check_mark: Light & Dark Mode
:heavy_check_mark: Modern and Fully Responsive Flexbox Design (New Engine)
:heavy_check_mark: Professional and Methodically Tested UX/UI-Centric Design
:heavy_check_mark: Organized Elements Tree and Workflows
:heavy_check_mark: Professionally built Database Structure & Architecture
:heavy_check_mark: No paid plugins required
:heavy_check_mark: Detailed Documentation

Why NexGen GPT Business Suite is The Go-To Business Software Template:

An Entire Team Of Custom GPTs : Imagine having a team of AI specialists, from data analysts to social media managers, all integrated into your software. NexGen GPT Business Suite makes this a reality, offering you a virtual workforce that’s ready to propel your business forward.

Lead Generation & Pipeline Management: Capture leads from chatbots, funnels, scraping tools and beyond, store, list adn run them trhough the built in pipeline management system and ensure you never miss an opportunity again.

CRM & Invoice System: Effortlessly manage customer relationships and financial documents and see analytical representation in the CRM dashboard. Take the first steps to going paperless, digitiize company documents with a AI OCR-enabled reader—a feature designed to streamline your invoice management process.

Support Desk for Exceptional Customer Service: Capture incoming customer support tickets, store them in the dedicated support desk and
resolve customer service tickets with ease,.

Custom GPT Toolkit A suite of powerful AI-driven tools at your disposal. Leverage the capabilities of an email assistant, content creation suite, and so much more, all powered by the latest in GPT technology, including ChatGPT-4 Turbo and six other selectable models, delivered with lighting fast real time streaming.

Analytics Dashboard: Gain actionable insights into your business’s performance with an advanced analytics dashboard featuring intuitive charts and metrics.

Perfect For:

  • AI Agencies & B2B Firms: Enhance your value proposition with a suite designed to elevate your client’s experiences and operations.
  • Internal Business Use: Streamline your internal processes, from HR to customer service, with an all-encompassing toolkit.
  • SAAS Providers: Offer NexGen as a standout product to your clientele, enriching your portfolio and their business capabilities.

We are always readily available If you require us to build a custom Bubble application, create an AI application, make a Custom build of this of any of our templates, or modifications of them, and any app UI design work please email sales@blissira.com to discuss with us further. Kind Regards.

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Nice job, but Mobile need some work

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The $399 (up to $1,699) template needs privacy rules too :upside_down_face:

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@georgecollier @martijntenpas

Thanks for the heads up guys! Appreciate so much you bringing this to my attention. Fixes in progress and updates to follow.

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1.0.6 - Privacy rules updated - Responsive fix on Login page.

I bought the template but how can I change the name of the GPTs. I’m French-speaking and my customers are French-speaking, so I’d like to use French first and last names. Best regards, Nico