NEW PLUG - Resume PRO Extract

Resume PRO Extract parses docx files and very accurately returns appropriate properties such as name, email, phone number, employment history, skills, websites, etc.

Demo here: Bubble | No-code apps

Editor (for implementation) here: Resumeproextracteditor | Bubble Editor

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Hi @doug.burden

This is cool, but the large majority of our candidates send their resumes in PDF. :pensive:
There is a chance to make it work with PDF as well?

Yea I’ll add that option!

Added. Would you like to test for me? Just need your app name.

Hey dougie, does this use any external services? Or all built-in?

It’s pretty much built in with the exception of some libraries to extract text. Nothing sent thru the action is stored anywhere. Is that what you mean?

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I just mean like no external server processing in Azure or anything. Thanks

Yes. I am utilizing an azure function for the workload. This way the WU is a steady 0.7. Done in bubble coats 13+ WU.


Hey @doug.burden .

Thanks fot the update!

Can we use it in backend?

It would be nice to receive the resume thru site upload and have it processed automatically.

Yes. There is 2 actions. The first action is just a data call you’d use on the front end to populate a User’s inputs ie: various resume data to a job they’re applying to.

And there’s a stand-alone action you can execute and save the results or also perform the same thing above.