[New Plugin] 2FA Random String Generator

Generate a non-repeating, random string of a chosen length. Optionally choose a custom character set!

This plugin is excellent for generating 2FA login codes, as you can generate codes that are easy for the end user to read.



  1. Create a workflow event and click to add an action.
  2. Under Plugins, select “Generate Random String”.
  3. Set the length of the string you wish to generate. If you choose a number larger than the length of the character set, the plugin will only return a string with the length of the character set.
  4. Choose whether to include numbers, uppercase characters, lowercase characters, and/or symbols (note: you must choose at least one of these or the plugin will return the string ‘error’)
  5. Choose to include or exclude ambiguous characters (1, l, i, 0, o, O)
  6. You can also enable “Use Custom Character Set” and input your own set of characters instead of using the preset characters as described above.
  7. Use your generated number in the next step of your workflow!
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