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Hey Guys, I realized that I’ve repeatedly needed to generate strings in apps and always have to setup a new API call every time so I decided to make a plugin for myself. But I just found that some other apps are using it now and I figured more might benefit from it so I should share it here.

Plugin page


  • You can switch on or off digits, uppercase alpha, lowercase alpha
  • You can set the length of the string (number of characters)
  • You can set how many of strings you want generated
  • You can set it to only return unique strings (The max number of string is = the maximum possible unique combinations based on your set options

I’ve updated this plugin to’s JSON-RPC API – Release 1 which means you’ll need a beta key to use it (easy to get). This way it won’t matter that the IP is shared and multiple apps will have their own string possibilities separated.

Hope it would be useful for the community.

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Hey there, good job!
Don’t want to upset you, but isn’t it the same as Bubble’s built-in “calculate formula” random string generator? See the attached screenshot.
If it is same I assume it will be easier and probably faster for you to use the built-in function instead of calling an external API.

Hey @levon,
Thanks. I’m aware of bubble’s built-in function and it basically does the same thing except for ensuring uniqueness.
With you don’t have to worry about querying your database to see if a string has been used. They give you a unique string until all possible combinations are exhausted.

Your response prompted me to check something and I realized the uniqueness feature wouldn’t work well because of the shared IP most apps use. So whilst your strings might be unique, you would likely have less possibilities if someone else is pulling strings with the same options as yours.

I see, makes sense and again, good job!

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I am new to bubble and I have really basic knowledge. I am actually trying to use a plug in for the first time. How do I get this plug in working? I have not found any instructions.



Hi @rachel.camp900,

The instructions are on the plugin page. If you’re having trouble understanding it just let me know exactly what you need me to clear up for you.

Plug in page on the forum or on the training center?


Have you been on this page. For a learner their is little to no instructions on this page.

Without much info I’ll do my best.

The plugin helps you generate a random number. You can make use of it by adding it as a workflow action and referencing the result in following workflows or by simply using the “Get data from external source” option when providing text data for bubble to display or saving text data to a field in a workflow that creates or modifies a thing.

Once you try to generate a string using any of the methods you need to populate the fields shown using the guidelines on the plugin page.

You can get your Apikey from

Let me know if you have any other questions.