[NEW PLUGIN] Add a loyalty program to your application!

Hello everyone ! :wave:

During my experience working for worldwide SaaS applications, we’ve been seeing that retaining customers cost 5 to 10 times less that acquiring new ones, so I build a plugin to add instantly a loyalty program to your bubble SaaS applications ! This help retains more clients but also open up opportunities for upsell.

:arrow_right: To find the plugin search : “Loyalty”

:arrow_right: Instruction :

:one: You have to create an account on HelloCactus (Loyalty program for SaaS, also build by me on Bubble :smile: ).
:two: Generate an API KEY (tuto on the video in link of the step 1), and add it to the plugin parameters
:three: Add the plugin to your app and use the two actions (Connect users and trigger points)
:four: Create your loyalty programs, triggers and rewards on the HelloCactus app.

Example of loyalty program you can implement in minutes (fully customizable) :

If you need more information, you can look on the HelloCactus website

I will add more and more integrations and automations to trigger points from Stripe, Chargebee and other invoicing tools.

It’s in beta for free at the moment, I hope to have some feedbacks to quickly add features and making evolve the plugin/tool with your feedbacks !

Let me know if you have any questions,

Really excited about this plugin! I’m wondering about integrating it into a specific scenario like a cafe’s mobile app to offer rewards based on purchase frequency. Could you provide any guidance on setting up such a loyalty system using this plugin? Are there customizable reward tiers or points systems that can be tailored to different types of transactions?

Absolutely, you can configure the plugin to award points with each purchase. It’s versatile enough to either use a specific number of points or a percentage of the transaction value to determine the points awarded. This flexibility allows you to tailor the loyalty program to fit your business model and customer engagement strategy.