Creating a loyalty program

Hello guys,

I’m trying to create an application where small business can create its own loyalty program and people con ask for points and rewards everytime they go to the business.

Right know i’m stuck trying to determine how to let business owners create its own programs, is it possible to make something like that here on bubble?

Of course it’s possible. You can build an app where company’s can sign up and set some user actions (as you wish). You have to create a different dashboard for the company and the users assigned to the company.

Users could have an account and an app that has a barcode function (plugin available) that is scanned in the store to add points. You could implement an appointment system or get the current location of the mobile device to make it even better. All possible with bubble. :slight_smile:

If you don’t know where to start I suggest doing the tutorials first and then watch some YouTube videos or read guides.

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