[NEW PLUGIN] Advance Confetti

Advance Confetti plugins have just launched
It generates 9 different types of confettis

types of confettis includes

School Pride,Snow,Fireworks,Basic Cannon,Random Direction,Realistic Look,Valentine Day,Stars,Emoji and Unicorns

Demo App: https://advanceconfettis.bubbleapps.io/version-test?debug_mode=true

Demo App Editor: advanceconfettis | Bubble Editor

Plugin Page: Advance Confetti Plugin | Bubble


It looks great!

Thanks @bonjour_17 have you checked demo?

Of course, why would I comment on it if I didn’t check it?

Little feedback: on the demo page I want to try all the confettis quickly, so you should lower the animation time for the 3 top ones. Or make the previous animation stop when I clic on a button. Because right now they all overlap and it’s a big mess on the screen.

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