[New plugin] Confetti - Add Confetti To Your App

Hi everyone!

I just published a plugin that allows you to display all kinds of confetti on your page :tada:

:arrow_right: Visit the demo page to see it in action: https://confettidemo.bubbleapps.io
:arrow_right: Plugin page: Confetti - Add Confetti To Your App Plugin | Bubble



I just had way more fun on your demo page than I care to admit, including when I started smacking the hell out of all of the buttons to create this masterpiece…

Good stuff, @Thimo!


Thats awesome :joy::joy:

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So awesome. Can I also prompt this without a button?

@goerresr Yes! The confetti is triggered via a workflow, so you don’t have to specifically use a button for that :slight_smile:

Got it. Works wonderfully!

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Any plans (or recommended alternative) that’ll bring even more confetti schemas? Different colours etc.?

@martin10 the current options are ff e ones that are given by the library. I will look into the possibly if I can add more custom animation types! :slight_smile:

Softr did the confetti thing when you made your app live for the first time.

At first, I thought it was kind of corny. But I actually liked it. And I think for users using your app for the first time, it could be a nice visual “attaboy” thing for them!

My best $20 spent this week :grin:

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THe demo app does not work anymore. Also wondering what the difference between confetti animation and confetti element is. Documentation s not very clear…

Tip - Put version-test at the end of the app link: https://confettidemo.bubbleapps.io/version-test The live apps have been restricted because they were probably on the old hobby apps.

@nocodejordan thanks! I thought I updated all my demo pages, seem I forgot this one…

@konrad1 As you can now see on the demo page, you need to place the confetti element on the page before you can run the confetti actions. Hopefully this helps! :slight_smile:

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Hello Thimo,

Can you explain how to get this to work? I cannot for the life of me get it to work. Thank you!

Edit: I’m trying to get the “registration” button no my page to use your confetti plugin but nothing ever happens: Reptile Manager

Hi @Dreemer

The setup process is actually pretty straight forward:

1 - Put the confetti element on the page
2 - Use the confetti workflow actions to display the confetti

You can also take a look at the editor of the demo page for a complete example: Confettidemo | Bubble Editor

Does this help? :slight_smile:

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So apparently I was using the wrong plugin (a free one)… I added yours and it works!!! You are the BEST! Thank you so so much!

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I have no need for this plugin, but after seeing the demo, I feel like it is necessary.


Is there any way to position the confetti to an element? Rather than the center of the screen? I wanted confetti to come out near a button when clicked.

@luch That is a cool idea! It is not yet supported, but I will put it on my list! :slight_smile:

Buy my art $5000 only :clown_face:

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