[NEW PLUGIN] Agora RTC token plugin

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Informations about the Plugin :
This Plugin let you create custom RTC Token on agora, which allow you to enable the multi upload host for your videos.

The server is hosted on a AWS web service, it’s a custom server that allow you to generate RTC token for your application within the Agora plugin from zerocode.

I’ve created this plugin since it was only possible to create RTC TOKEN manualy within the Agora dashboard every 24 hours.

How to use :
Fill the plugin parameters with your APP ID and APP certificate.

use the plugin as action : Agora RTC Token server - Generate rtc token

Pass your custom channel name and a custom uid(know as unicid)

Into the Start Could Recording action, use the token generated (result of step x) into the token value and use the Uid (UnicID) that you’ve choised

Link to the documentation
Link to the preview page
Link to the editor

If you have any question, let’s me know !

Does this still exist?