🖥 Agora Video Conferencing (WebRTC) and Streaming with Cloud Recording - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Agora.io is on a mission to change the way the world communicates. Agora is known for developing the industry-leading real-time communication framework that serves over 10 billion minutes a month of real-time video, audio, and live interactive broadcasting.

Important Update 15-th of May, 2020:
we have updated the Agora plugin: added the streaming component and improved stability by updating to latest SDK.
Agora Streaming drives user engagement by quickly building live broadcasting directly to users.

Update 13th of October, 2020:

Added the ability to record in streaming mode and to choose between the camera and screen sharing

Now includes the Agora Streaming function with the ability of Cloud Recording - you can record and save the live streaming onto your cloud storage

For demo, docs and more details, please click here: Agora Streaming & Video Conferencing Plugin for Bubble | Plugin for Bubble by Zeroqode

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Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hi @levon @ZeroqodeSupport,

I’m having some minor issues with the Agora Plugin. I’ve added the ID attributes to two different groups. I’m getting an error when joining a Room.

Can’t seem to join a room, keeps failing.

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Hello there @nocodeventure, please could you share with me some screenshots of your plugin settings, elements settings and the error which you faced.

Or you are able to make a video for me using loom.com

Thank you,

Hi @ZeroqodeSupport Nik,

can you send me a message? I’m not able to send out a private message to you. I can share the editor link.


Hey @nocodeventure, In case you will not be able to sent me a link you may contact me in PM on forum.zeroqode.com.

Thank you,

Hi There

I am also facing the same problem as Codeables. I have done everything according to the documentation but it just seemingly doesn’t initialize the connector nor does it join the room. I am unable to add collaborators due to my pricing plan. Please assist

Hello guys, sorry for late response on our side.

We’ve seen the feedback regarding the issues faced with plugin lets us check this out and be back asap with a response on the matter.
Thanks for understanding. :pray:

Also could you please post some screenshots of console.logs from browser for us, also steps to reproduce.

Zeroqode Team.

Hi @levon

Hope you are well and everyone staying healthy!

Before I go down the road of having a custom Agora plugin built are there any plans to add the Agora record functionality to an s3 bucket for your plugin in the near future?


Hello @StevenM

Thanks for reaching out!

We do currently plan to release an major update with new functionalities Streaming and Creation of more secure connections with some overall improvements.
The update should be available soon.

The Recording functionality, it is on our roadmap whilst we can not say a deadline for it. It should be available soon after the previous major update.
As for saving the records to a third-party storage we’ll see how feasible it’ll be to implement.
Thanks for understanding and support.

Thanks. You will find that recording to s3 comes out of the box and the composite recording will be faster.

When adding a channel you would need to be able to specify the s3 bucket.

I am talking to Agora.io about the WordPress plugin at the moment, so getting a good grasp of the process.


Thanks @StevenM

We appreciate the input. :pray:


@ZeroqodeSupport Hi guys. I’ve been trying to make your agora plugin to work on my app but on once the Agora Connector is on the page, the app stop loading on the preview.
Could you help please?

Hi Richard,
did you check the docs here? https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/agora-api-connector-plugin
and the demo page? https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=agora_connector&id=zeroqode-demo-19&tab=tabs-1

Hi @levon. Yes. I am in Australia and spent all day trying everything.
The strange thing is that once the Agora Connector is not on the page, it loads.
Once it is on the page, it simply does not.
Realy weird…
The ideal would be if someone could have a look but my plan does not allow collaborators…2020-04-08 21_05_27-Pages Unresponsive

@ZeroqodeSupport, @vladlarin, @levon , Im trying your app intensively for 2 days now.
I have managed to narrow down the problem stripping down my whole app to a bare…
Once the Agora Connector is on the page with the Agora ID, the page simply does not load.
It is probably missing the certificate field that your demo had.
The demo version uses an older version of your App that had a certificate field as you can see below:

The new version from your Agora plugin does not have the certificate field as you can see below:

Your plugin therefore is not working anymore.

To make matters worse, if you just put only the Agora ID, the page does not even load in preview.

If you remove the Agora ID, the page loads in preview but obviously does not work as there is no Agora ID in.

Please help!


Hello @richardaxeoz,

Can you please add [email protected] as collaborators to your app. Please disregard the notification about the limitation of your plan. We as an agency can be added to apps on any plan. Also, please let us know the page where you are trying to set up the plugin.

Best Regards,
Zeroqode Team

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@ZeroqodeSupport , Thank you. I was not aware that agencies could be added.
@levon probably forgot to mention that yesterday.

@ZeroqodeSupport , @vladlarin, @levon , Hi again.
I am in Australia and here my time zone is GMT+8, therefore 22:30.
Would it be possible to give any feedback via email?
If you preffer send a phone number so i can call someone, regarding the issue with the plugin.
[email protected] as collaborator to my app was added more than 2 hours ago.

Hi Again. 24:30 and as no contact was made, I look forward to some sort of feedback in the morning.
All the best.

Hello @richardaxeoz,

Unfortunately, due to time zone differences, we could not answer instantly. At the same time, we are doing our best to provide support ASAP. In terms of communication channels, I am afraid that for technical issues we only use Bubble and our forum.

Regarding your issue, we checked your app but there the plugin is not configurated. As was suggested by Levon, please make sure you followed all steps from the documentation.

Especially please make sure that you did those steps:

  1. Place the Agora Connector element on the page
  2. Add 2 elements ex: Visual Element (Shape) or Container (Group or Floating Group) on page, which will be used to render the local and remote video respectively
  3. Assign in the ID attribute field for the above elements (Step 2), respective IDs :
  • agora-local - used to render local video connection
  • agora-remote - used to render remote video connection

Best Regards,
Zeroqode Team

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