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[New Plugin] Air Copy to clipboard

Air Copy to clipboard allow you to easily copy any text to the clipboard.

Can be used and styled like a button. Just drop it on your page and style it to your heart desire including using an image.
Then specify the input source and that is it.
See demo below:

Will add a feedback text (tooltip) to show the user that the text was copied in next update.



Thank you! :slight_smile:

Awesome! :slight_smile:

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  1. Added ability to use element id attribute. This field is dynamic so i’ts very useful for repeating groups. You can name your repeating group elements using some text and their index and use the same expression for the copy to clipboard id.
  2. Ability to cut. Please note that you can only cut editable text (input box or text area field that is enabled)
  3. Now you get a feedback (tooltip) when you copy text. Also when you use the element id attribute the copied text will be highlighted to let you know it has been copied.

Very nice. It would be nice to be able to use either text or icons instead of an image as background. You could probably do this by enabling text as the background, and we’d just be able to use [fa] [/fa] for icons.

hey @supernaturally, yeah that’s something that has come up.
I’m rewriting the whole plugin to enable having text and then changing the tooltip since its not working as expected.
i’m currently working on 3 plugins at the same time (clipboard, tooltip and calendar) so my hands are really full. but hopefully the clipboard and tooltip should be out in a matter of hours or a day.


Nice plugin, already using it and works great!


Is there by chance for this plugin to have a ‘paste’ feature?

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yeah it’s possible. will include it in the next update. thanks

Air Copy to clipboard v2.

Hey guys i’ve just released version 2 of the Copy to clipboard plugin.
Here is the update :

  1. Added a Copy to Clipboard workflow action.
    This means you don’t have to add the copy to clipboard element. You can simply call this action in a workflow.

  2. Fixed the tooltip issue. Actually i implemented a different tooltip. Now when you click on the trigger element to copy a text, the tooltip will show and when you move your mouse out of the trigger element it will dissappear. I realized this is how most copy to clipboard tooltips behave.

@supernaturally, with this version you can use text, icons, buttons or whatever element you want and call the Copy to clipboard action in a workflow on click of the element., please what is your use case for the paste functionality. I have it in the code but haven’t exposed it as i wasn’t sure how you will want it. Will you want to specify an element to paste the clipboard in?


Hi, nice! Maybe a text input or group state text or number?

Maybe better to have it run in a workflow, so I’d say a group state if it’s a choice between one or the other.

Love it.

It was only a little confusing that I should set this for transparent and use my own button, but figured it out :slight_smile:

Hi @seanhoots any news since our last chat?

Hi, i updated the plugin to a copy to clipboard workflow action about 2 weeks ago. See my last post on this thread

Oh, that’s great! I thought there was more to do because you had a question for me. I’ll try it out, thanks!

Maybe i misunderstood you. I have the “copy to clipboard” action that can be used in a workflow.
If you’re talking about the paste action, i don’t have that yet.

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No worries. Please let us know if that feature is added. Big thanks for this plugin.

This is fantastic. Would you be able to add “paste from clipboard” as workflow action? (extremely useful for those of us doing a lot of cut and paste work).

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@seanhoots agreed, paste clipboard to a single/multi/rich input would be helpful

@seanhoots I do have a problem using it in floating groups. The debugger shows the correct text to be copied but the clipboard remains the previous value. Any idea why this might be?

Edit: the element does work in a floating group but the workflow does not. I have now used the element as transparent overlay to a button and it seems to work so far. Also the Target element ID needs to be filled out even if the tickbox is not selected, otherwise bubble reports an error. I have just used arbitrary text.

Thank you for the plugin, very helpful :slight_smile:


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