Who can add this? clipboard.js

Hey, Plugin builders!

I wish I could, but unfortunately, i don’t know how to get started. I want to use clipboard.js to copy the contents of a text field.

Who can help in building a plugin?

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Hey @AliFarahat,
Do you want someone to create it for you or you need help creating it yourself.
All the same I have a working but unfinished plugin for copying to clipboard based on clipboard.js.
As you may be aware clipboard.js can do both copy and cut but because of the difficulty in assessing element ids i’ve not been able to finish with the cut action. that’s why i haven’t released the plugin yet.
but if you’re interested i have a working plugin for copying to clipboard based on clipboard.js.

Hey @seanhoots

I am very interested thanks. I am planning on using it in a repeating group,. I don’t think that will be a problem?

I also read a few hours ago that bubble will be adding the IDs in the up week or so.

I would love to learn how to make these things my self! So any assistance on that too will be great.

Repeating group… hmmm. i see. it should work with the current implementation

I’m currently running a function to copy copy to a clipboard in a repeating group. This post helped me to achieve that:

Hey @AliFarahat,
I’ve just released a new plugin to copy to clipboard.
Should be live soon.
Yes you can easily copy from repeating groups. You simply just drop the element like a button, style it to your heart desire and link it to a dynamic source.

Here is the plugin page with a demo

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That looks amazing. Can’t wait to try it.


Works like a charm!

I have a few questions. Can’t we have this as a workflow action. This way we can display an alert of an effect to show that something has been copied to clipboard.

Other than that! I love it, solved a major problem for me.


Hey @AliFarahat,
Yeah I get what you meat. It’s always important to get feedback when an action completes.
I’m actually adding a tooltip that will pop up when text is copied to clipboard without you having to write any workflow. If I get the chance will push that out tonight.
Also with bubbles new feature of elements exposing their ID attributes I’ve rewritten the plugin so you can specify a target. That means you can do a cut to clipboard too.
Hopefully will push those updates tonight if I get the time.

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Awesome @kwakusandy ! Did you happen to push that out?

Hey @dave2,
Please what do you mean by “Did you happen to push that out”?
The plugin is available on the plugin page.
If you meant the ability to specify an id attribute then i haven’t yet. i actually have completed it just forgot to push it.
will do that in a few minutes.

Btw both @kwakusandy and @seanhoots is the same person. forgot i had two accounts on bubble and used the other one to reply to @AliFarahat comment.

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My bad! I had meant the update that included the tooltip feedback to show users it had been copied.

I forgot to do the tooltip maybe tomorrow. working on a new update for my Air Date/Picker plugin now

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For sure, that date picker looks great by the way! I saw that earlier this week.

Thanks. I’m currently adding ability to block dates or days dynamically. Should be pushed out in about an hour

Hey @dave2, yes i just pushed that update. Now you get a feedback. You can also do cut as well as select elements id attribute as target. See details here:

i knew you would come over to the dark side… lol. ive been expanding on the whole concept of ids in my plugins, opens some really cool doors.

Hahaha, this opens so many doors. Now i have so many plugins lined up i don’t know which ones to even start.

Hahahahah I got confused there for a sec! :laughing:

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