[New Plugin] Analog Clock - Fully Customizable, set size and colors for dial, hands, digits and ticks

Designed with flexibility in mind, this plugin allows users to personalize various aspects of the clock’s appearance, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with different themes and preferences.

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Customizable Size: Adjust the clock size to fit seamlessly into your website. This feature ensures that the clock can be tailored to suit various layouts and design preferences.

Responsive Design: The plugin is responsive, providing an optimal viewing experience across different devices and screen sizes. Whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile, the clock maintains its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Dial Color Setting: Choose from a wide spectrum of colors to set the background dial’s color. This allows users to match the clock with their overall design theme or create visual contrast for better visibility.

Ring Width and Colors: Adjust the thickness of the clock’s ring to achieve the desired visual balance. Additionally, customize the ring’s color to complement the overall color scheme of your digital interface.

Hands Size and Color: Personalize the size and color of hour, minute and second hands, providing users with the ability to fine-tune the appearance for enhanced visibility and aesthetic appeal.

Digit Font Size and Color: Customize the font size and color of the clock digits to ensure readability and seamless integration with the overall design. This feature caters to diverse preferences for font styles and sizes.

Ticks Size and Color: Adjust the size and color of the clock ticks for a more refined and tailored look. This feature contributes to the overall visual coherence and aesthetics of the clock.

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