[New Plugin] Combinational Chart - Charts (multiple datasets, chart type - line, column, area). Choose color, name, etc. for datasets

This plugin allows users to display multiple datasets in a single chart. Helps to choose chart type (line, column, area), color, name, suffix for the datasets. Also, you can add x/y-axis values dynamically.

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Customizable Size: Easily adjust the dimensions of the chart to fit various layouts and screen sizes, ensuring optimal display across devices.

Responsive Design: Ensures charts adapt dynamically to different screen sizes and orientations, providing an optimal viewing experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Customizable X-Axis Values: Set specific values for the X-axis to accurately represent the data categories or time intervals.

Dataset 1 Configuration:

  • Set values for Dataset 1.

  • Specify name, suffix, color, and chart type (line, column, area) for Dataset 1 to customize its appearance and representation.

Dataset 2 Configuration:

  • Set values for Dataset 2.

  • Specify name, suffix, color, and chart type (line, column, area) for Dataset 2, enabling distinct visualization options for different datasets.

Background Color Customization: Choose a background color that complements the overall design scheme of the chart or matches the website’s theme.

Tooltip: Displays tooltip when hovered.

Other Features:

  1. Print Chart
  2. Download as PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG.
  3. Download as CSV, XLS.

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