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[new Plugin] App Tourz & Hintz by BA Studios. (now with custom alerts with yes/no workflows too!)

Thanks, as always! BTW great plugin!

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I appreciate the compliment! Feel free to leave a review if you’re so inclined! Thanks for the feedback and improvement suggestion!

Hi @jared.gibb ,
I rely on your plugin and I think it needs an update, can you please update this?
It takes extra time to load my app because a js is unable to load:

Hi Jared
Man, you are a busy individual.
This plugin will be ideal for my Angels Grooming app and sounds like a great idea.
I will definitely get it once I have my calendar working.
Regards, Mark.

I will look into this ASAP. I will report back later today. Thanks for bringing this to my attention and sorry that it’s causing you issues.

i do not use popper.js in this plugin.

can you share the page you are using that on?

Sorry if I’ve missed this info about the tourz plugin, but is there a way to show/hide elements during the tour? For instance if I want to highlight an element that’s currently not shown when I start the tour, can I show it when I want to highlight it, then hide it so I can highlight another element perhaps not showing at the time? Thanks

Probably with some tweaks . Let me think about this. I’m pretty sure I can inject a tour stop at any position in the array

Currently though, no. Not possible. A workaround could be showing all elements at first behind a “screen” and then hiding the elements just before hiding the screen and then starting the tour. So all elements “visible” but one element has a higher z-index and would cover the entire screen so technically the required elements would’ve rendered in the dom and thus not cause a tour app breaking error.

But you could also make several tours that end before the element appears and a new one starts after the event appears. I think this would be a lot more workflows but I’m not :100: on that

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I’m not sure if this issue is unique to my app, but when I use this plugin, and run the app in debug, my inspect button (for debugging) disappears. This makes debugging other issues quite difficult. Is this something I can fix on my end? Thanks

you know, i have never noticed that but it does the same to me. perhaps @eve could suggest some ideas here or perhaps bubble could check this out and identify the blocking script?

this ^^ is the demo page. if you notice, you can see the speed of debugging buttons but not the ‘inspect’ button