[NEW PLUGIN] AskYourPDF Plugin | Chat with your documents and ask any related questions!

Hey bubble and nocode devs! We are happy to present our new tool !

AskYourPDF is the first plugin of its kind that automates work with PDF TXT PPT PPTX EPUB RTF documents. It’s not just reading anymore, it’s a conversation.

A short demo of how it works right in our demo version of the plugin, which is already available for installation.

PLUGIN DEMO: :joystick: https://addxnocode.com/ask_your_pdf_ai

AskYourPDF AI Plugin | Bubble have multiple “actions” for conversations with your PDF’s

  1. Add Document via URL
  2. Add Document via File Upload
  3. Retrieve Documents
  4. Retrieve Single Document By ID
  5. Delete Document By ID
  6. Question File By ID (Chat)
  7. Get Summary By Document ID
  8. Summarise Selected Text

Ready for integration into your bubble project ?

Easy setup of any workflow. Use our tutorials and videos. If you have any problems or questions, we will be happy to help!

Tutorial: https://youtu.be/BEmdvIo0lCk?si=mIRoLpPnarPBB8Gd

This plugin only works with paid API plan, which can be purchased at askyourpdf.com

ADD-X NoCode team.

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