Paid document conversion API task

Good day

Due to a heavy non-bubble workload at the moment, and not having worked with APIs before, I would like to put out the following paid task:

My goal:

  1. To be able to upload multiple document file types (most important of which are doc, docx, pdf, txt)
  2. To be able to extract all the text contained in those documents WITH their original styling/formatting.
  3. To be able to also retrieve the accurate word-count of the uploaded document during the upload process or immediately after upload.
  4. The actual files themselves are also uploaded and stored either on bubble or a third party hosting service.
  5. Users of my app would then be able to edit the text either within a multi-line input or a rich text editor.
  6. Once editing is completed, to be able to download that text from bubble in any document file format while keeping the same styling and formatting.
  7. All this should work with all language scripts (English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese etc.).

I understand it may need one or two separate APIs to accomplish along with possibly a plugin for the document uploader. You can advise. But what I want and what I want to pay for is for you to reproduce a working version of all this on your own app so that I can see it working and then copy all the API workflows.

If you are confident you can achieve this, please DM me your quote and time-frame. Thanks.

EDIT: Don’t have tunnel vision on PDF alone which many bubblers are obsessed with. I realize it can be more complex than other document types. Docx is the most important file type to me but in truth I want this solution to work with as many document file types as possible.

Good day. Bumping this.

I don’t have time for that, but maybe this iwll help you
A) For text, just do an API request GET to the file and set the type to text. This will be parsed.
B) For doc and docx, have a look at
C) For PDF, have a look ad
For the word count, you will probably need a script to first stripe all HTML and after count words.

I forget, but another solution could be to use cloud convert or similar too for doc, docx and PDF and convert them to HTML

@Jici thanks for this. I appreciate all the info I can get

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