๐Ÿ”Ž [New Plugin] AWS Rekognition - Detect Text in a Scene

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With this plugin, you can detect text, words, line and positions within a JPEG or PNG image file provided as input.

:warning: WARNING: This service provides text detection operations in an image such as a scene. If you intend to perform a OCR operation on a scanned document, please refer to the โ€œAWS Textract - OCR Text & Dataโ€ plugin.

This plugin returns the words & lines in the image. For each, the operation returns the text, a bounding box of the text, a confidence value, and the polygon coordinates in which the text is contained.

A word is one or more ISO basic Latin script characters that arenโ€™t separated by spaces. DetectText can detect up to 50 words in an image. Amazon Rekognition can also detect numbers and common symbols such as @, /, $, %. -, _, +, *, and #.

A line is a string of equally spaced words. A line isnโ€™t necessarily a complete sentence. For example, a driverโ€™s license number is detected as a line. A line ends when there is no aligned text after it.

You can test out our AWS Rekognition - Detect Text Plugin with the live demo.

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