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[New Plugin] bdk RepeatingGroup tools

Hello Bubblers,

We have a new addition to the Bubble Developer Kit :smiley:

Bdk RepeatingGroup Tools: Power-ups for working with repeating groups

Extract data from Repeating Groups

Extract any data out of the repeating group cells without storing or retrieving it from database. Allows for use of dynamic expressions, conditional formatting, custom datatype retrieval etc.

Some example applications include (1) making real-time calculations for your invoice line items, (2) better shopping carts, (3) group edit/delete items in repeating groups

Anchor to Bottom

A drop-in element to anchor your repeating group to bottom.

The plugin is priced the same as all plugins in the Bubble Developer Kit at $4/month. Check out the demo and editor. Screenshots provided below.

Happy Bubbling!


Demo: Extract data out of a repeating group and make real-time calculations. This doesn't touch the database. Use the RG Extractor and RG Data elements included in RG Tools

Demo: Anchor a repeating group to the bottom using the 'Anchor to bottom' element included in RG Tools


Another piece of magic. Thanks @gaurav

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Ive subscribed, Just having a trouble using the anchor repeating group to bottom. I can not do the

Active:" repeating group" is visible.

An ideas

You can copy paste it from any other field where you can do it; or you can do repeatinggroup is loading is no

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Brilliant work around. going to help with other issues too

However, still not getting the desired anchor to bottom effect. element ID are the same.

Could the following be effecting it?

Nope should work regardless of the content of repeating group. Make sure the anchor to bottom element isn’t within a group but rather on main page (check out the setup in demo page)

hmm… it is as well. 09%20pm
The Ids are the same as well

are there any other parameters?

It is currently set to full list could it be that?

Haha yeah that would be it. Anchor to bottom won’t make sense for full list (as the entire group is anyways displayed) or ext. vertical scroll list (as additional items show up on scrolling to end of it). It’s applicable for rg’s with a scrollbar so vertical scrolling is what you’re looking for

Fantastic, thanks again mate. this is great!

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This plugin might end up solving one of the major headaches I’ve had. I’m curious, is there a reason for limiting to the number of column types to 5? I ask because my use case might require more than 5 so I wanna know whether there’s an internal limitation before I try to figure out workarounds.

Nope no limitation :grinning: You can just use an additional element to get 5 more.

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Hi @gaurav,

I am trying to implement the anchor to bottom for a 1:1 messenger.

I have the anchoring working well and the repeating group loading the last ten items via the following workflow.


Is there a possible solve for loading more entries when the user scrolls up in the repeating group?

I think you’re asking for a bubble feature here for vertical scroll type repeating group to load new items on hitting top and instead bottom. Probably best to place a feature request for bubble team as I don’t think it can be done using an external plugin.

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Great work.

Any chance you could sell the current plugins that have a monthly fee at a one-time fixed price?

A monthly fee can get prohibitively expensive after a while…


Yep I’ve received the request from a bunch of users.
Have made 4-5 plugins available for a one-time fee. Will try to make more as soon as possible :smiley:


Amazing plugin @gaurav! This RG data extractor opens up a whole lot of possibilities for building performant apps. Is there anyway to the extractor name be a dynamic value? Currently using the RG extractors and data elements in nested repeating groups and that would be very helpful

I see… that makes sense. I’ll work on adding this functionality :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thank you!!